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Estates Wrangle Over Rights to O.J. Simpson Book

The estates of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman both seek the rights to O.J. Simpson’s book, If I Did It.

The book, which has not been published, describes how…

Widow Sues Over Husband’s Dead Body

A federal lawsuit claims the body of an airline passenger who died in the restroom during a flight wasn’t found until the Chicago cleaning crew began work.

The passenger, 66-year-old…

$101 Million Settlement OK’d in Casino Collapse

A New Jersey judge has approved a $101 million settlement of a lawsuit filed in the collapse of a parking garage at an Atlantic City casino.

Four workers were killed…

Clergy Sex Abuse Claims Dropping

A report by the Roman Catholic Church says sex abuse claims against clergy dropped in 2006 for the second consecutive year.

Last year the church had 714 abuse claims, down…

Tort Reform Texas Style

New Laws and Med-Mal Damage Caps Devastate Plaintiff and Defense Firms Alike

Foundation For Firing?

Bare-Faced Barkeep Battles Bosses After Customers Call for Cosmetics

Asbestos They Can?

Forging a Congressional Trust Fund Is as Complex as, Well, Asbestos Litigation Itself

M.D. With a Mission

A Physician Battles Against Colleagues He Considers Rogue Expert Witnesses

Urine Trouble Now

For Some, It’s the No. 1 Choice in Fakery for the Court-Ordered No. 1