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Google Cites Law’s Protections in Copyright Case

A response filed by Google in a copyright infringement suit says it is protected from liability by safe-harbor clauses in a 1998 federal law.

Viacom Inc. claims Google infringes its…

Patent Ruling Has Broad Reach

The U.S. Supreme Court decision yesterday making it more difficult to obtain patents on new products is one of its more important patent rulings in years.


Mixing IP with Mmmmmm

There’s a multipage nondisclosure agreement that visitors must sign before they’re allowed in the kitchen at Moto restaurant in Chicago. And some of the food prepared by executive chef Homaro…

Crisis Pending

Can a patent on a legal strategy prevent a client from taking your advice? The courts may soon decide.

Supreme Court Rules on Two Patent Cases

In two patent decisions today, the U.S. Supreme Court made it easier to challenge patents on new products and declined to extend U.S. anti-infringement standards abroad.

In one case, the…

Vonage Back in Business While Appeal Proceeds

Despite allegedly infringing several voiceover patents held by Verizon Communications Inc., Internet upstart Vonage Holdings Corp. can continue in business as usual against the telephone giant while its appeal of…

Chinese Court Orders Yahoo Fine

A Chinese court has ordered Yahoo Inc. to pay about $27,000 for infringing the copyrights of music companies, the Associated Press reports.

The suit brought by…

Court Order: Lawyer Billing Records Secret

Under an order filed Friday by a federal judge in Oklahoma, attorney billing records will be kept confidential in ongoing litigation by the Recording Industry Association of America over alleged…

No New Cases for U.S. Supreme Court Today

The U.S. Supreme Court granted no new cases on the merits today. However, the high court asked the U.S. Solicitor General to weigh in with his thoughts on three others…

Court Denies ‘Lawyers.com’ Trademark

The legal publisher Reed-Elsevier Properties Inc. has lost in its effort to trademark “lawyers.com.”

Witnesses Support Fee of $11,000 an Hour

Witnesses defended a lawyer’s request for $11,000 an hour in fees in a trade secret case before a Florida judge yesterday.

Today in Legal History: Taxes Die, Statesman Born, Mouse Patented

On this day in 1770, the British government repealed most of the Townsend Acts, which placed import taxes on British products such as…

$100 Million Sanction Sought Against Motorola

The lawyer for a defunct technology company that sued Motorola for stealing trade secrets is seeking a $100 million sanction and $93 million in attorney fees.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Willie…

Google Settles Suit, Can Post News Agency Info

Agence France-Presse has agreed to allow Google to use its news and photos in ways that drive traffic to the Paris-based international news agency’s online offerings, the Apr 10, 2007 5:50 PM CDT

Upping the XX in IP

The estrogen to testosterone ratio among intellectual property lawyers has improved greatly over the last decade or so, but that doesn’t mean the practice isn’t a lonely place for women.

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