International Law

2756 ABA Journal International Law articles.

Foreign Fight

Alberto Galvis Claims That Occidental Petroleum Corp. Is Liable for a Raid That Killed His Family in Colombia. A Revived Alien Tort Law May Get Him His Day in U.S. Court.

Thinking Globally

Committee Begins to Address Electronic Privacy Issues on an International Scale

Serving Them Right

When Taking on International Defendants, Expect Challenges, Even Complications

Banking On Faith

Islamic Financial Transactions Are Becoming Big Business for Shari’ah-Savvy Lawyers

Global Goals

Program Supports Exchanging Legal Ideas on an International Level

Foolish Like a Fox

War Crimes Defendants Who Represent Themselves May Seek a Soapbox

Lending Justice a Hand

Hope Across the Globe Is Rooted in the Rule of Law

Old Continent, New Deal

The European Union Is Developing a Body of Law That Will Have a Major Impact on U.S. Businesses

Pacific Overtures

U.S. Firms Find the Asian Legal Market Tough to Crack

Legal Culture Shock

ABA Program Helps Bosnian Lawyers Adjust to a New Criminal Justice System

Taking the Initiative

ABA-Africa Works With Local Advisers to Strengthen the Countries’ Legal Systems

Train of Heartbreak

Suit Seeks U.S. Restitution for Property Taken From Hungarian Jews in the Holocaust

Children Without a Country

Thousands of Kids Arrive Each Year Without an Adult and Without Knowing English. Lacking a Lawyer, They Face a Daunting Legal System.

Corporations in Line of Fire

International Prosecutor Says Corporate Officials Could Face War Crimes Charges