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Blogger Who Posted Bar-Exam Questions Sought

Lawyers have subpoenaed Google and EarthLink in an effort to track down the person who posted 41 questions from the Multistate Bar Examination last year, according to the

Court Order: Lawyer Billing Records Secret

Under an order filed Friday by a federal judge in Oklahoma, attorney billing records will be kept confidential in ongoing litigation by the Recording Industry Association of America over alleged…

Downloading a File of Copyright Woes

Google’s buyout of YouTube shows federal law still lags behind technology

Troll Control

The Supreme Court’s eBay Decision Sets Back Pesky ‘Patent Trolls’ or American Innovation, Depending Upon Which Side You’re On

How the Cops Caught BTK

Playing to a serial killer’s ego helped crack the case

Breaking Up Downloading

Recording Industry Keeps Fighting Illegal File Sharing With Even More Lawsuits

Wake The @#*% Up!

Malevolent Midnight Message Jars Judge Who Holds “Drunk-Dialing” Duo in Contempt

Thinking Globally

Committee Begins to Address Electronic Privacy Issues on an International Scale

The Net Effect

High Court Enters the Digital Age With Cases on File-Sharing, Cable Competition

Computing Time for Crime

Critics Say Vague Hacking Law Leads to Bad Prosecutions, Inconsistent Sentences

It’s Location, Location ...

Some Consider Geolocation Technology a Way to Settle Internet Disputes