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Afternoon Briefs: 2nd Circuit says no to nullification; law prof claims pariah treatment

2nd Circuit directs federal judge to bar jury nullification argument

On Wednesday, a federal appeals court directed U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill to bar defense lawyers from making a jury…

Class action says Mississippi’s DA’s office has a pattern of wrongfully excluding black jurors
A federal lawsuit filed on Monday claims a Mississippi district attorney and his prosecutors are wrongfully using peremptory challenges to exclude potential black jurors more frequently than whites.
How to master the jury selection process

In this new Modern Law Library episode, Olivia Aguilar of ABA Publishing talks to Jeffrey T. Frederick, an expert on jury selection strategies, about benefits of open-ended questioning, how to break the ice with a conversational tone, and more.

Lawyer known as ‘DWI Dude’ is convicted for shakedown of Colombian drug clients
A Texas lawyer who markets himself as the “DWI Dude” has been found guilty on federal corruption charges for a scheme to shake down three Colombian drug clients.
Judge orders DOJ to turn over Mueller grand jury information for impeachment probe
The chief federal judge in Washington, D.C., ruled Friday that the House Judiciary Committee is entitled to see grand jury materials related to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
Doc convicted of murder gets new trial because of juror’s texts and an attempt to hide them

A doctor convicted of murdering his wife and tampering with evidence is entitled to a new trial because of a juror’s “troublesome” text messages, New York’s top court has ruled.

Jurors reject death penalty for accused triggerman in law prof’s murder; another trial is pending
Jurors rejected Tuesday the death penalty for accused triggerman Sigfredo Garcia in the July 2014 murder of Florida State University law professor Dan Markel.
New California law allows felons who served their time to serve on juries

A new California law allows many former inmates with felony records to serve on juries.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the measure Tuesday, the Recorder reports. KTVU has…

Afternoon Briefs: Jurors award $8B in Rispderdal case; most minority partners have nonequity status

Jurors award $8B in punitive damages in Risperdal case

Jurors in Philadelphia found Johnson & Johnson liable for $8 billion in punitive damages Tuesday in a case brought by a…

Murder conviction vacated on basis of ineffective lawyering that included false statements to jury
A federal judge in Indianapolis has cited ineffective assistance of counsel in vacating the 2006 murder conviction of a man accused of killing an Indiana University student.
Judge who jailed missing juror for 10 days rescinds contempt finding and sentence after backlash

Deandre Somerville has already served 10 days in jail for missing jury duty, but he won’t have to serve a year of probation and provide community service due to a…

SCOTUS opens new term with criminal law cases addressing insanity defense and unanimous juries

The U.S. Supreme Court has several blockbuster cases in its new term—on gay and transgender rights, federal immigration enforcement and gun regulation. But before it gets to any of those, the court on the first day of the term will take up two criminal law cases raising significant questions, even though only a handful of states are affected by each.

Man who didn’t show up for jury service gets jail sentence
A 21-year-old Florida man ended up in jail rather than on a jury when he didn’t show up for jury service.
Jurors convict ex-cop who shot man after entering wrong apartment; ‘castle doctrine’ is at issue

Jurors convicted Amber Guyger, a former Dallas police officer, of murder Tuesday for shooting and killing a black man after she mistook his apartment for hers.

Lawyer’s bathroom break didn’t justify removal of case from jury docket, appeals court rules
A lawyer’s bathroom break and a client’s late appearance didn’t justify a judge’s decision to remove a case from the jury docket, a Texas appeals court has ruled.

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