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Leaks and Mold Plague Newer Law Library

The University of Connecticut’s law library is only 11 years old, but trustees say it has an unstable granite façade, chronic leaks, a rusty frame, and moldy walls and carpets.

Public Access ‘Robin Hood’ Wants Case Law Free

Public information crusader Carl Malamud is the latest of a growing number of individuals who are looking for a way to make court decisions more accessible to the general public.

Librarians Do More Rainmaking

Librarians at big law firms are spending more time on rainmaking, increasing their prominence and influence with the lawyers who employ them.

Sixty-three percent of law librarians at Am Law…

Lawyer: 10 Reasons Why Workers Sue

It is black-letter law that employers must pay hourly workers for all of their time. But not doing so is the No. 1 reason why companies are sued by their…

A National Treasure

The Law Library of Congress Contains the World’s Largest Collection of Legal Works

Out From the Stacks

Librarians Lead Legal Battles Over the Patriot Act, Copyright, Tech Issues

A Successful Launch

New ABA Web Store Provides a Wide Range of Features and Benefits

The New Law Librarian

Firms Look to Make the Most of Their Librarians With Billable-Hour Requirements