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5 tips from a law school librarian for assigning research projects to interns

As a law school reference librarian, I field a lot of questions from law students working at internships, externships and summer jobs. Over the years, I’ve seen some recurring issues with the research assignments given to law students, and I thought it might be helpful to discuss some of them here.

Online auction of RBG’s personal library set for this month

First-edition books owned by the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, including works signed by writer Toni Morrison, journalist Gloria Steinem and the late Justice Antonin Scalia, will be available in an online auction starting Jan. 19.

Is the law library a thing of the past for law firms?

“When I became a lawyer more than half a century ago, the law library was, by any measure, the heart of my law firm. It was where lawyers went to do legal research—any and all research,” writes retired Indianapolis lawyer Norm Tabler.

Yale law librarian’s top 10 quotes of the year include 1 by Justice Ginsburg before her death

A quote attributed to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before her death has made a top 10 list of quotes for the year compiled by Yale Law School law librarian Fred Shapiro.

New tool by Harvard Law lets people explore language usage in caselaw

Parsing 6.7 million federal and state cases and 12 billion words, a new tool allows the public to explore the use of language over 360 years of caselaw.

Released Wednesday,…

Law libraries chart a new direction for the future, new report shows

Law librarians have recognized rapid technological shifts in their profession and, as a result, plan to focus on new skills for the future, according to data released Tuesday by the American Association of Law Libraries.

Booking the Dumpster: The tragedy of ‘deaccessioning’ books from university libraries

Book research shouldn’t be superseded by online research. Yet university libraries are unloading millions of unread volumes.

What’s an inexpensive way to teach tech?  Find outside experts, say law school librarians

Law school librarians are expected to teach students about technology, and sometimes that requires creativity—especially if deans won’t allot funds to help with that endeavor.

In ‘digital-first strategy,’ National Law Journal will switch weekly newspaper to monthly magazine

The National Law Journal announced on Thursday that it is introducing a monthly, glossy magazine that will enhance its daily online stories.

The announcement means that the National Law Journal…

Legal publication the Recorder shifts to all-digital format

The Recorder, a San Francisco-based legal publication published by ALM, is switching to an all-digital format.

The Recorder’s weekly print newspaper will no longer be published, according to a

Sarah Glassmeyer: Opening a window on closed data

Sarah Glassmeyer

Dewey B Strategic’s Jean O’Grady leads lawyers through the tech maze (podcast)

Most people see librarians as the quiet personification of technical obsolescence. Jean O’Grady is out to change that.

Far from sitting in a dusty room full of outdated books and…

Digitization of Harvard case law library will show court patterns and trends

The Harvard Law School library has approximately 40 million pages of case law, which is currently being digitized and scanned so the public can view it for free.

It’s the…

As governments open access to data, law lags far behind

From municipalities to the White House, governments are launching open data projects—but the judicial branch is falling behind.

Such was the opening, frustrated message of “Public Service Legal Technology…

Job-killing legal technologies? They only look that way

It is stunning how quickly technological advances become a ‘natural’ part of our landscape. In the mid 1990s, Richard Susskind was being labeled “dangerous” and “possibly insane.” His heresy?…

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