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Harvard Law Prof to Be Tapped for Vatican Post

Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon is expected to be nominated to become U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.

Glendon, who opposes abortion and

Profs Kibosh Students’ Laptops

More law schools are banning them as a distraction—or worse

Prof Who Played Pimp Film to Resume Teaching

A law professor who went on leave after he showed a controversial film clip to students from the documentary Really Really Pimpin’ in…

Casebook Caper (Don’t Try This at Home ... )

Apparently fed up with real estate finance, an Indiana law student has been arrested for allegedly shooting his casebook.

Jesse Sneed, 27, a third-year student at Indiana University School of…

Dress Code for ‘Scruffy’ Law Profs

Is the standard of faculty attire so dire at law schools today that a dress code should be imposed? At least one law professor says yes.

In an upcoming

Ave Maria Profs File Whistle-Blower Suit

Three suspended professors at Ave Maria School of Law have filed a whistle-blower lawsuit against the Catholic institution, its president and dean, and the chairman of its board of governors,…

Prosecutors Recommend Law Prof as Pit Bull Guardian

Prosecutors are asking a federal judge to appoint a law professor to serve as a guardian for 48 pit bulls seized from property owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

Beloved U of Chicago Law Prof Dies

David Currie, a longtime law professor at the University of Chicago known both for his constitutional law scholarship and his gifts as an inspiring teacher, has died. He was in…

Law Prof on Leave After Playing Pimp Film

A professor at the University of Connecticut law school has agreed to take a leave of absence after showing a clip from the documentary Really Really Pimpin’ in Da South

Profs Need Humility, Students Flexibility

Learning to think like a lawyer has benefits. But it can also close law students’ minds to alternative ways of thinking about the world, according to a new study by…

Brain Secrets Study Could Change Courts

A $10 million multidisciplinary brain secrets study launched today could eventually bring big changes to the nation’s courtrooms.

With the help of 25 participating universities, the John D. and Catherine…

Yale Prof Explains Why Recruiter Suit Dropped

Yale law school professors who don’t want to see military recruiters at the school have decided the fight is not worth $350 million.

Law professor Robert Burt, the lead plaintiff,…

New Turmoil at Ave Maria

In the latest turmoil at Ave Maria School of Law, the alumni board of directors of the Michigan institution has issued a vote of no confidence in the school’s top…

Top Med Mag: No Vaccine-Autism Link

Although thousands of cases are being pursued alleging a link between childhood vaccines and autism (see “No Longer Immune” in the July 2006 ABA Journal), it’s doubtful…

Chancellor: I Bungled Chemerinsky Hire

The man responsible for the on-again, off-again hiring of a prominent constitutional scholar to serve as dean of a new law school being created at the University of California at…

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