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Law School Struggles to Stay Open As Profs Work Without Pay

The New College of California School of Law plans to stay open through May, even though faculty and staff haven’t been paid…

Retired Doc May Buy Troubled Ky. Law School, Administrators Resign

Three top administrators at the troubled American Justice School of Law reportedly have resigned after a retired surgeon anted up $100,000 in a loan to cover its immediate expenses while…

Law Prof Backtracks on Bar Pass Post

Corrected: This week, Paul Caron’s blog got more attention than he bargained for.

Caron – the Associate Dean of Faculty and a law professor at the University of Cincinnati College…

Critic: Law Reviews Would Publish My Grocery List

Some critics are assailing the increasing number of reviews, saying many are of poor quality and little academic value.

Robert Jarvis, a law professor at Nova Southeastern law school, is…

Five Profs Resign at American Justice Law School, Call for Dean’s Ouster

Five professors at the American Justice School of Law in Paducah, Ky.—about one-fourth of the faculty—resigned effective Friday, saying they won’t come back until…

Law Prof Named Prison Healthcare Czar in Calif.

A federal judge abruptly fired California’s prison healthcare czar last week and appointed a law professor, known for his ability to turn around troubled government agencies, to take his place.

Law Prof Sees ‘Explosion of Interest’ in Animal Issues

Ninety ABA-approved law schools teach courses in animal law, up from only a handful that offered such classes a decade ago.

A Michigan State law professor, David Favre, tells

NYU Law Pays $4.2M for New Prof’s Condo

New York University law school apparently helped lure professor Catherine Sharkey from Columbia University with the purchase of a multimillion-dollar, 4,000-square-foot condo for her in a complex overlooking Central Park.

Why Law Profs Are Miserable

A new book supports the idea that law professors are an unhappy lot because of the nature of their job.

That’s the conclusion of associate dean of faculty Paul Caron…

Former Michigan Law Prof Fights Alleged Gay Bias

A cutting-edge breach-of-contract case brought by a former law professor denied tenure at the University of Michigan could have an impact on gay bias claims and education law nationwide, depending…

Top French Attorneys Need US or U.K. Legal Degree

To get a top job at a law firm in France, a law degree from a well-regarded American or British law school is virtually required.

That’s because France has no…

No Jail Time for Loyola Law Prof Who Helped Client Find Counsel

A Louisiana appeals court has overturned a contempt finding by a state judge that would have required a law professor working with the Orleans Parish public defender’s office in New…


Seven lawyers who started the blawg revolution

Columbia Law Prof Knocks Hired-Gun Academics

Columbia Law School professor William Simon contends in an article that law professors are part of a “vast enterprise” that provides legal opinions shielding those who hire them.


Law School Dean Recommends Gift Cards

A recent issue of Consumer Reports magazine advises shoppers to be wary this holiday season of buying gift cards that may involve hidden fees or may never be used.


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