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Re-engineering the J.D.

Schools across the country are teaching less about the law and more about lawyering

Did Missouri Execute an Innocent Man?

A dozen years after Larry Griffin was executed, despite his continuing proclaimations of innocence, by the state of Missouri, there are major unanswered questions about whether he was actually guilty…

Nuremberg Attorney: Gitmo Trials Unfair

An 88-year-old American lawyer who helped try war criminals at Nuremberg, Germany, after World War II says today’s Guantanamo Bay cases fly in the face of the prosecutorial precedent he…

No Tenure for DePaul’s Finkelstein; Harvard Law Prof’s Tempest a Factor?

Pleas by one of Harvard Law School’s most prominent professors, among others, to refuse tenure to an assistant political science professor at DePaul University, had no effect, according to DePaul’s…

Judge Tweaks Law Profs for Libby

A federal judge’s footnote added a bit of commentary when he granted a bid by a group of law professors to submit a brief on behalf of I. Lewis “Scooter”…

Prof’s Law Blog Led to 11th Circuit Case

Blogging can be a legal minefield for lawyers and parties to litigation, as a Boston doctor defending a malpractice case found out recently when he outed himself as “Flea” and…

Law Prof Pushes Poker as Game of Skill

A Harvard law professor is strategizing with professional poker players in an effort to show that poker is a game of skill rather than chance.

Charles Nesson is just an…

LSU Prof Lands Supreme Fellowship

Elizabeth Murrill, an assistant law professor at Louisiana State and mother of four to boot, recently learned she was chosen as a U.S. Supreme Court fellow.

The Apr 23, 2007 6:07 PM CDT

“Status Quote”

Looking to cut through that legalese with a notable quotable? Then check out the latest edition of The Yale Book of Quotations, published last October by the university’s press.

Fantasy Life, Real Law

Travel into Second Life––the virtual world where lawyers are having fun, exploring legal theory and even generating new business

How Best to Build a Lawyer?

Ideas Float about Changing Law School and Bar Exams, But Few Show That They Have Sticking Power

A Helping of Healing

It’s probably safe to say that most people would recoil at the suggestion that they spend time with hardened criminals and the families of their victims. Not Janine Geske. A…

Happy Ending

Civil Rights Pioneer George Leighton Is Named to Receive ABA Medal

Clients as Teachers

Empathy Plus Experience Doesn’t Always Equal Understanding

Christians On Campus

Legal Society Says Universities Must Let It Choose Members, Officers Based on Beliefs

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