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Law Firm Lesson Not Learned in Law School

To Anthony Ciolli, not censoring the AutoAdmit Web site he worked on was a First Amendment issue, even though he reportedly admitted that sexist, racist and just plain rude comments…

PI Lawyer’s Widow Helps Law School Expand

Loyola University’s College of Law in New Orleans was able to meet ABA demands for more space with help from the widow of a famous personal injury lawyer.

Anne Gauthier,…

One L of a Read

Law schools are all about diversity these days, yet when it comes to reading about the law school experience, all the authors seem to be white guys from Harvard. Like…

Suburban Miami Law School Moving Downtown?

The University of Miami School of Law is considering a campus move. Now located in upscale suburban Coral Gables, Florida, the the school is being urged by local developers to…

Deans: Va. Tech Threat ‘Copycat’ a Law Student

A law student at the University of California at Berkeley’s Boalt Hall is accused of having made a threatening Internet chat board post that prompted its sister law school, Hastings,…

Copycat Va. Tech Threat Closes S.F. Law School

Shocked by Virginia Tech’s horrifying experience on Monday, other institutions of higher learning are now taking no chances about closing their campuses as soon as they hear of a possible…

Jar on Desk Reminds Law Dean of Migrant Roots

A piece of orange chalk sits in a jar on the desk of Carl Hernandez, reminding the assistant dean at Brigham Young University’s Reuben Clark Law School of his family’s…

Student Loan Company to Pay $2.5 Million

A third lender accused of paying colleges for student loan referrals has agreed to a settlement, the New York Times reports.

Education Finance Partners will pay…

Wisconsin Bar Weighs a Degree of Change

Status may end as last state to admit its law school grads without taking bar exam

Fantasy Life, Real Law

Travel into Second Life––the virtual world where lawyers are having fun, exploring legal theory and even generating new business

See You in 18 Months

Education Department puts ABA accreditation role on ‘a short leash’

Revising Law Review

Journals Struggle for Relevancy in a Field Redefined by the Internet

How Best to Build a Lawyer?

Ideas Float about Changing Law School and Bar Exams, But Few Show That They Have Sticking Power

Maintaining High Standards

The ABA’s Law School Accreditation Program Underpins Our System of Legal Education

Recruit Suit

Supreme Court to Consider Interplay of Federal Funding and First Amendment

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