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Canadian Law Prof Blasts Schools as ‘Feminist Seminaries and Psychotic Kindergartens’

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A retired Canadian law professor is blasting law schools for pursuing a social justice agenda, deriding law students as illiterate and taking aim at high tuition fees.

Robert Martin, a law professor emeritus at the University of Western Ontario, holds forth on his views in an October 2009 article (PDF) “University Legal Education in Canada Is Corrupt Beyond Repair,” the Guardian reports. TaxProf Blog noted the Guardian story.

“Why have Canadian law faculties been transformed into feminist seminaries and psychotic kindergartens?” Martin asks in his article. “The answer is straightforward. Many in the legal profession and in the legal academy have allowed themselves to be persuaded that lawyers should be actively involved in the pursuit of a chimera called ‘social justice.’ ”

Martin suggests that tuition would more resemble the quality of legal education if the amount is set at $12 a year. He also outlines his “two-step plan for freeing Canada at once of two major social ills. This is the plan. Step One: Close every law faculty in Canada; and Step Two: Hand the premises of the former law faculties over to homeless people.”

Martin also suggests a use for books in law libraries: They would “serve a much more socially useful function as cooking fuel than they do being gawped at by illiterate students.”

Martin has also written a book critical of the Supreme Court of Canada called The Most Dangerous Branch.

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