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Lawyers Seek Lead Status in West Suit

Lawyers are battling over lead counsel status in the class action lawsuit that claims West Publishing Corp. conspired with Kaplan Inc. to monopolize their markets for test preparation courses.


Back Off, Professor Kingsfield

A new study says the emotional distress of law students sometimes approaches that of psychiatric patients.

The Wall Street Journal’s law blog unearthed the…

15-Year-Old Innocence Project Thriving

When Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld began the Innocence Project 15 years ago, their goals were relatively modest. Today their New York-based program has 38 employees, has exonerated 201 convicts…

Legal Writing Prof Has Writing Issues

An online paper about environmental dispute resolution posted by Victoria Dawson reportedly is clumsily written, ungrammatical and filled with spelling errors. The problem is, she’s a legal writing instructor at…

Dad & Daughter Among Law School’s First Grads

After Sydney Jones decided to go to law school, so did her father, Sidney. In fact, the two both wound up in the same class at Charleston Law School in…

Law Firm Lesson Not Learned in Law School

To Anthony Ciolli, not censoring the AutoAdmit Web site he worked on was a First Amendment issue, even though he reportedly admitted that sexist, racist and just plain rude comments…

One L of a Read

Law schools are all about diversity these days, yet when it comes to reading about the law school experience, all the authors seem to be white guys from Harvard. Like…

Deans: Va. Tech Threat ‘Copycat’ a Law Student

A law student at the University of California at Berkeley’s Boalt Hall is accused of having made a threatening Internet chat board post that prompted its sister law school, Hastings,…

Law Student in Playboy Series

A student at Brooklyn Law School who appears naked in a Playboy TV program says she wanted to do something crazy before she became a lawyer.

Adriana Dominguez gave an…

Fantasy Life, Real Law

Travel into Second Life––the virtual world where lawyers are having fun, exploring legal theory and even generating new business

Clerks Avoid Getting Their DIGs In

They just say no to cert petitions, as the court’s docket shrinks

A Stake In The Future

The ABA’s Law Student Division Provides an Array of Benefits for Tomorrow’s Lawyers

How Best to Build a Lawyer?

Ideas Float about Changing Law School and Bar Exams, But Few Show That They Have Sticking Power

Profession’s True Colors

We Must Encourage a More Diverse Group of Young People to Pursue Careers in Law

A Lighter Load

ABA Urges Congress to Make It Easier for Public Servants to Pay Law School Debt

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