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Lawyer censured for sexual innuendos in conversations with judge and judicial assistant
A Colorado lawyer has been publicly censured for sexual innuendos in speaking with a magistrate judge and judicial assistant.
Lawyer who allegedly lied about health for deadline extensions should be suspended, hearing board says
An Illinois lawyer, who reportedly lied and said he had cancer—when he did not—and instead was looking for discovery deadline extensions, is facing potential suspension from the practice of law. He also allegedly lied about having cancer on his University of Chicago Law School application.
Lawyer is disbarred after history of indecent exposure, voyeurism
A lawyer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with a history of sexual misconduct has been disbarred by the South Carolina Supreme Court.
Lawyer is accused of sexually assaulting associate and abusing another, offering custody for sex
A prominent Chicago lawyer who once chaired a screening committee for guardians ad litem is facing felony charges that accuse of him of sexually assaulting an associate at his firm, sexually abusing another and fondling a woman while telling her that she had to “do a little extra” to get custody of her children.
Judge who kept photo of employee’s genitals on her phone should be ousted, commission finds
A Kentucky judge should be removed from office for a pattern of misconduct that included firing an employee so she could hire her former pastor, with whom she had a romantic relationship, the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission has found.
Disbarred attorney stole more than half of client’s settlement for himself, prosecutors say
A disbarred Pennsylvania attorney faces felony theft charges after prosecutors accused him of misappropriating more than $563,000 from a client who was seriously injured in a car crash.
Removal or retirement is recommended for judge accused of groping worker
A hearing officer is recommending removal or retirement for a Massachusetts judge accused of groping a court employee at a bar after a judicial education conference.
Judge is accused of using sexual language to advise assistant prosecutor on art of direct examination
A Michigan judge has been accused of using language so sexually charged in providing feedback to an assistant prosecutor that she felt “frozen” and afraid to move.
Lawyer accused of obtaining fraudulent environmental verdict against Chevron is disbarred
Rejecting a referee’s recommendation, a New York appeals court has disbarred an environmental lawyer for obtaining a fraudulent $8.6 billion judgment against Chevron in Ecuador.
Judge accused of referring to juror as ‘Aunt Jemima’ should get interim suspension, commission says
The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board is seeking the interim suspension of an Allegheny County judge who allegedly referred to a juror as “Aunt Jemima.”
Lawyer who called female judge’s opinion ‘succubustic’ sues over potential ethics charges
A California lawyer contends that he was advocating within permissible bounds when he called a female judge’s opinion “succubustic,” a reference to a female demon that has intercourse with men in their sleep.
Suit claims anti-bias ethics rule infringes lawyer’s free speech rights
A Philadelphia lawyer has filed a First Amendment challenge to Pennsylvania’s new ethics rule barring manifestations of bias or prejudice in the practice of law.
Law prof sues over N-word suspension and says being white led to different treatment
A professor at the Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, who was suspended over his use of the N-word, alleges in a lawsuit that he was treated differently because he was white.
State supreme court suspends former judge accused of harboring boyfriend sought in robbery
The New Jersey Supreme Court has suspended an ex-judge who was accused seven years ago of helping her boyfriend evade police.
Lawyer suspended after paying clients from own funds for phony case outcomes
A lawyer has been suspended after falsely telling four clients that he had resolved their cases and then paying them amounts ranging from $10,000 to $424,000 from his personal funds.

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