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Troubled Paradise

Debate Over Sovereignty for Native Hawaiians Is Not Likely to End Soon

Miranda’s Reprieve

How Rehnquist Spared the Landmark Confession Case, but Weakened Its Impact

A Matter Over Mind

The Supreme Court Is Poised to Review the Insanity Defense, an Issue That Has Confounded Courts, Psychiatrists and Lawyers

Balancing Act

Her Constitutional Tests and Strategic Concurrences Helped Make Sandra Day O’Connor a Force From the Center

Happy Ending

Civil Rights Pioneer George Leighton Is Named to Receive ABA Medal

Ascendant Stevens

O’Connor’s Retirement Wasn’t the Only Surprise, as the Senior Justice Held Sway

Lawyers Must Defend Judges, Juries

Lately, Judicial Independence Is Validated by Rulings but Questioned by Individuals

Gideon’s Promise

Committee Report Examines State of Indigent Defense in Retrospect of Landmark Case

Mr. President, Esq.

For Better or Worse, Most U.S. Chief Executives Have Been Lawyers, Says a New Book

A Coin for the Court

Congress Authorizes Commemorative Coin Honoring Chief Justice John Marshall

History Lesson

Uncovering a Firm’s Past Doesn’t Have to Be Done by the Book

The Court Comes Together

A New Chief Justice Led a Fractious Supreme Court to Unanimity in Overturning Segregation

Making Brown Real

A North Carolina Family Fought Threats and Intimidation After Suing to Integrate Schools

Are Schools Returning to the 1950s?

A Harvard Study Shows Mixed Results in Integration, With Many Public Schools Becoming More Polarized

The Blessings of Brown

The Revolutionary 1954 Supreme Court Decision Still Resounds Today

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