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PD Who Helped Partner Tie Sham Knot Seeks Legal Immigration Alternative

A St. Louis public defender who chose to break the law rather than lose the man he loves admits he made a serious mistake. But the lack of legally recognized…

Ethics Case Against Durham DA Begins

A North Carolina bar prosecutor said in opening arguments today that Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong intentionally concealed evidence in his prosecution of three Duke lacrosse players.

Nifong is accused of withholding DNA tests showing genetic material on a woman who said she had been raped did not match that of the defendants. He is also accused of lying to the media, knowing it could prejudice the investigation, and making false statements to judges about the case, the Washington Times reports.

Charges against the men have been dismissed. Nifong could be disbarred if he loses the ethics case. His attorney contends he committed no intentional ethics violations.

New Trial Due to Judge’s Plea Comment

A federal judge who suggested that he might sentence a defendant to even less time than the prosecution was offering in a plea bargain had good intentions but made a…

Celebrity Gossip: Contested Legal Fees

It isn’t every day that Us magazine reports about an attorney’s claim against a client for legal fees. But it did so in detail today, after celebrity lawyer Debra Opri…

Backdating Troubles Wilson Sonsini

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati fired one of its partners last fall, reportedly because he failed to warn the outside company he was advising about backdating stock options.

Christopher Mitchell was fired after high-tech company Sanmina-SCI Corp. announced it had improperly backdated most stock options since 1997, according to the Recorder. Sources told the legal newspaper he was targeted for failing to pick up on the problems.

The revelation is the latest embarrassment for Wilson Sonsini. Around half of the Silicon Valley companies under scrutiny for backdating stock options were clients of the law firm, according to the legal newspaper.

Lawyer for Smith Lover Seeks Fees

A lawyer for the man determined to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby is asking a Los Angeles court to enforce an agreement to arbitrate their fee dispute.

Motion Claims 35,000 Documents Withheld

A pending motion for sanctions claims chip maker Qualcomm failed to turn over more than 35,000 discovery documents in a patent infringement case.

Qualcomm had sued rival semiconductor maker Broadcom…

NY Lawyer Lived Happily Ever After (Sort Of), After Acid Attack on Girlfriend

Once a New York trial lawyer, Burton Pugach today is an improbable white-mink-clad movie star. Convicted in an infamous case of putting out a contract to have his girlfriend blinded…

Potential Libby Pardon is Talk of Town

A day after former top vice presidential aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was sentenced to 30 months in prison and a $250,000 fine for his role in obstructing a federal…

Lawyer Jailed for Extorting Wife’s Lovers

Sentenced this week to five years in prison for extorting money from men who had affairs with his wife, a Texas attorney was unrepentent. “It is incredible to me after…

N.J. Judge Apologizes in Ethics Probe

A New Jersey Supreme Court justice has apologized for interceding with Camden County courts in a case against a youth accused of bullying his son, saying his actions created the…

Rookie Judge Reportedly Investigated

A rookie Las Vegas judge who is fighting the chief judge’s effort to remove her is reportedly under investigation by a judicial conduct commission.

Judge Elizabeth Halverson has been accused of acting abusively toward her staff and behaving improperly on the bench, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

An affidavit from her former judicial executive assistant said Halverson made her staff have ice waiting on the bench for her and would scream if they let it melt, according to KVBC-TV in Las Vegas.

Howrey Conflict Alleged

A company that owns several patents is seeking to disqualify Howrey from representing a defendant it sued for infringement.

San Francisco company Friskit Inc. says in a May 25 motion…

Expressing Their Interest

Rise in rates swells IOLTA, and legal services gain

What You Can Do—or Not

Bar against communicating with adverse parties doesn’t apply to inside counsel

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