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N.J. Judge Apologizes in Ethics Probe

A New Jersey Supreme Court justice has apologized for interceding with Camden County courts in a case against a youth accused of bullying his son, saying his actions created the…

Rookie Judge Reportedly Investigated

A rookie Las Vegas judge who is fighting the chief judge’s effort to remove her is reportedly under investigation by a judicial conduct commission.

Judge Elizabeth Halverson has been accused of acting abusively toward her staff and behaving improperly on the bench, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

An affidavit from her former judicial executive assistant said Halverson made her staff have ice waiting on the bench for her and would scream if they let it melt, according to KVBC-TV in Las Vegas.

Howrey Conflict Alleged

A company that owns several patents is seeking to disqualify Howrey from representing a defendant it sued for infringement.

San Francisco company Friskit Inc. says in a May 25 motion…

Expressing Their Interest

Rise in rates swells IOLTA, and legal services gain

What You Can Do—or Not

Bar against communicating with adverse parties doesn’t apply to inside counsel

Disbarred—but Not Barred from Work

In some states, disciplined lawyers can still work as paralegals or clerks

DUI Prosecutor’s Drunk Driving Death a Hard Lesson for Profession

The recent drunk driving death of a renowned Chicago area prosecutor is a hard lesson for the legal profession – and a number of those who could learn from it…

Penn. Attorney Disbarred in Delaware

A Pennsylvania attorney has been disbarred in Delaware, even though she was never admitted to practice there and maintains a law office in Pennsylvania.

That’s because Valerie J. Glover, who…

Fen-Phen Plaintiffs Seek Curlin Victory

Plaintiffs who claim their lawyers defrauded them out of money due in a pharmaceutical settlement are betting that a horse will help them recover some of the money.

Lawyers William…

Best Buy Lawyer Says He Altered Documents

An outside attorney defending Best Buy in a consumer class action has admitted he altered discovery documents in the case, prompting his law firm to file a withdrawal motion.


PD on the Defense for ‘Sham’ Marriage

A former chief public defender in St. Louis was indicted today on charges he arranged a “sham marriage” so that his boyfriend could stay in the United States.

Prosecutors announced…

Law Prof: AG Testimony an Ethics Issue?

Just as a number of commentators were saying that U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales seemed to be recovering from the controversy over his management of the Justice Department, a new…

Lawyer in Deep Fryer Over ‘Happy Meal’ Quip

A lawyer who said a bankruptcy judge was “a few french fries short of a Happy Meal” is being ordered to defend his right to practice in her federal court.

Undisclosed Court Papers Trouble Critics

The federal clerk’s office for the Southern District of Florida did not post key documents to its Web site in a case involving Miami attorney Louis Robles.

First Amendment advocates…

World’s First Publicly Owned Law Firm is Growing

A little more than a week after reportedly becoming the world’s first publicly owned law firm, Australia’s Slater & Gordon is already adding to its attorney roster.

The growth move…

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