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Disclosure Rules

More States Require Lawyers to Say Whether They Carry Malpractice Insurance

Privilege Under Attack

Attorney-Client Communications Must Be Kept Confidential to Protect Public

Check, Please

Sorting Through Conflicts Issues Is a Growing Problem for Lawyers in a More Complex Legal Environment

The New World

Lawyer Ethics Are Getting More Attention as a Matter of International Law

Unintended Consequences

Speakers Say Proposed Rule Might Limit Involvement by Judges in Legal Groups

Voices of Reason

State Bar Attorney-Client Assistance Programs Smooth Ruffled Feathers, Reduce Formal Complaints

Hidden Harassment

Law Firms and Disciplinary Authorities Look For Ways to Fight Sexual Misconduct

Ethical but Unemployed

Attorneys May Put Their Jobs at Risk by Reporting Other Lawyers’ Misconduct

Make a List, Check It Twice

A Good Conflicts-Checking System Helps Protect You from Ethics Violations

The ‘Oops’ Factor

Latest Model Rule Leaves Wiggle Room for Lawyers Receiving Misdirected Materials

An Enlisting Approach

Firms Are Turning to Clients to Assist in Their Marketing Efforts

The E-Mail Advice Line

Participating in Web Site Answer Services Can Be Gratifying, But Ethics Issues Abound

Tussle Over Titles

Ethics Opinions Wrangle With Terms Lawyers Use to Identify Themselves

Hand It Over

Ethics Duties Conflict When Lawyers Receive Evidence From Clients in Criminal Cases

May vs. Must

Ethics Rules Don’t Give Lawyers Absolute Guidance on When to Report Wrongdoing

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