Legal Rebels Videos

21 ABA Journal Legal Rebels Videos articles.

Kevin O’Keefe: Networking Through the Internet: It’s All About Relationships

7-word bio: “Thirty year lawyer and provocative thought leader.”

Michael O’Connor: The In-House Transition—How To Win Business by Helping Lawyers Make It

7-word bio: “Lawyer, student, sometimes teacher, herder of twins.”

Alexis Martin Neely: What Are You Going To Do When They Don’t Need Us Anymore?

7-word bio: “Entrepreneur, author, creator, lawyer who loves, mom.”

Kevin Houchin: An F-Word Manifesto; 4 F-Words to Revolutionize Your Life and Law Practice

7-word bio: “Entrepreneurial evangelist, creativity crusader, adept, husband, father.”

Stephanie Kimbro: Leverage the Internet to Serve Your Clients and Grow Your Practice

7-word bio: “Virtual law office pioneer and technology evangelist.”

Francine Ward: Speak Your Way to a Bigger Practice

7-word bio: “Copyright and trademark lawyer, author, motivational speaker.”

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