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Where rule of law is present, corporations can invest and promote human rights, panelists say

Global corporations can, and should, play an important role in promoting the rule of law around the world.

That was the consensus of a panel of attorneys, barristers and academics…

Jordan Thomas Wrote the Rules on—and Represents—Whistleblowers
Silent No More
For Linda Alvarez, ‘Attorney’ Doesn’t Have to Equal ‘Adversary’
Agreeing Advocate
Mark Harris’ ‘Managed Services’ Make Multimillions
More to Offer
Kyle McEntee Challenges Law Schools to Come Clean
Scourge of the Status Quo
Kingsley Martin’s Analysis Software Spots Contract Flaws
A Better Benchmark
Moradzadeh and Silberman Maintain High-Tech, No-Pomp Practice
Pairing and Paring
Nicole Bradick Helps Small Firms Get Part-Time Help from Lawyer-Moms
Balance Builder
Maurits Barendrecht: Justice for the World
Justice for the World
Ruth Carter: (Flash) Mob Lawyer
(Flash) Mob Lawyer
Vincent Morris: All for the Needy
All for the Needy
Matt Homann on Building the Service-Centered Firm

7-word bio: “Innovational speaker, creative facilitator, dad to Gracie.”

Ron Baker on Escaping the Tyranny of Time

7-word bio: “Lead prosecutor of billable hour and timesheets.”

Norman Gregory Fernandez: ‘How I Became a Biker Lawyer’

7-word bio: “Personal injury attorney, biker lawyer, resource, father.”

Paul Lippe: Maven Your Way to Success—Collaboration Is the New Normal

7-word bio: “GC, entrepreneur, crew, Yale, Harvard, four kids.”

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