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IRS Gets Tools In New Law

Tax Bill Has Corporate Focus, But Individual Taxpayers Also Will Be Affected

Just The Fax

ABA Opposes Rules That Would Restrict Communication with Members

Still On the Case

ABA Affirms Position That Lawyers Are Exempt from Gramm-Leach-Bliley

Another Close Call

George Bush and John Kerry Comment on Key Issues in the 2004 Presidential Election Race

Thoroughly Persuasive

Lobbying Can Be a Lucrative Addition to Law Firm Practice, But Beware of Conflicts

Focusing the ABA’s Efforts

Bar Leaders Concentrate on Key Issues in Lobbying Day on Capitol Hill

Troubled Waters

ABA Joins in Call for U.S. Senate to Ratify Convention on the Law of the Sea

Spreading The Money Around

Changes to Campaign Financing Laws Boost Legal Profession as Biggest Donor

A Costly Cure

ABA Opposes Congressional Action as a Solution to Medical Liability Issues

Taxes ‘R’ Ours

Suits Challenge Loophole That Lets National Corporations Dodge State Taxes

Opening Sentences

While the Feeney Amendment’s Tightening of Federal Guidelines Has Judges Steaming, States Are Moving to Loosen Up Strict Regimens

New Debate On Immigration

Congress and the ABA Tackle President Bush’s Temporary Worker Plan

Zoning Gets Religion

Land-Use, Prisoner Cases Likely to Revive Dispute Between Congress and High Court

Erisa Again

High Court Takes Another Look at Pre-Emption in HMO Disput

Second Effort

ABA Supports Push to Restore Judicial Discretion in Sentencing