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Sweeter Lemon Laws

As More Drivers Choose to Lease Cars, Courts Are Expanding Federal Warranties

New Fight for Voting Rights

Up for Renewal, the Landmark Voting Rights Act Faces New Challenges and New Sources of Opposition

A Wider Net

ABA Backs Bills That Would Expand Support Services for Domestic Violence Victims

Drugged State

Ohio Pushes for Tough Laws for Drivers, Critics Question Impairment Issue

Saving the Seas

ABA Urges Government to Take Steps to Protect the Nation’s Ocean Resources

The Race on Roberts

ABA Committee Members Wore Their Running Shoes to Vet Court Nominee

Again, It’s Abortion

New High Court Hears a Decades-Old Issue, May Decide How Settled It Really Is

Science Experiment

Industries Are Using a Landmark Case and a 2001 Law to Block Regulation, Critics Say

Live-Action Interaction

Virtual Visitation Diminishes Distances Between Divorced Parents and Their Kids

40-Year Plan

Panelists Debate What a Reauthorized Voting Rights Act Should Look Like

Data Deal

Illinois’ Med-Mal Law Makes Insurers Put Up the Numbers on How They Set Rates

When the Stars Align

Enlisting Celebrity Support for Legal Causes Can Influence the Court of Public Opinion

Bright Ideas

ABA Favors Legislation to Bring More Efficiency to Patent Approval Process

A Lighter Load

ABA Urges Congress to Make It Easier for Public Servants to Pay Law School Debt

A Hearing On Capitol Hill

ABA Day Offers the Profession a Chance to Make its Case Before Congress

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