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Seeking the Cure

With Health Care Fraud Rampant, States Are Urged to Pass Their Own False Claims Acts, But Foes Warn of Windfalls for Plaintiffs Lawyers

Wrong Remedy

ABA Testimony Voices Concerns About ‘Health Court’ Proposals in Congress

Backing Away from the Abyss

Courts May Be Starting to Get a Grip on Asbestos Litigation

Balancing Act

Surveillance Bills Should Account for Individual Rights, Executive Power, Says ABA

Troubled Paradise

Debate Over Sovereignty for Native Hawaiians Is Not Likely to End Soon

Picket Fencing

Laws Blunting Church’s Protests Worry First Amendment Experts

Numbers Crunch

ABA Says Proposed Funding Formula Would Limit Legal Services for AIDS Patients

Case Closed

FTC Won’t Appeal Ruling Barring Lawyer Regulation Under Gramm-Leach-Bliley

A Painful Way to Die?

Once Called Humane, Lethal Injection Is Now Claimed To Be Cruel and Unusual

It’s That Time Again

ABA Prepares to Lead a Renewed Push to Gain Adequate Funding for the LSC

Lobbying For a Better Nation

ABA Is Succeeding in its Efforts to EnsureU.S. Laws Meet Needs and Protect Rights

All Over the Map

Politics and Law Mix as High Court Weighs Jumping Into Gerrymandering Flap

Matters of Privilege

Provisions in Sentencing Guidelines Undercut Confidentiality, ABA Says

Not So Fast

ABA Contends Proposed Habeas Legislation Would Sacrifice Principles for Speed

Electing to Change

In the Age of Big-Money Campaigns, High Court Takes a New Look at Spending

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