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Letters from Our Readers

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Letters From Our Readers

The ABA Journal gets a new look and feel

We trimmed the frequency of publication from 12 to six issues per year. With the production savings, we were able to invest in higher-quality paper and a new size and format that give the written word, typography and art more prominence.

Letters from our readers

Readers respond to conservative student’s perspective on controversial ‘MAGA’ hat column

The ABA Journal’s Aug. 7 Your Voice piece, “Conservative student says law school biases infringe on his right to free speech,” by Gonzaga University School of Law student Austin…

As nation debates racism, readers respond to controversial ‘MAGA’ column

The ABA Journal’s July 3 Your Voice piece “Seeing Red: A professor coexists with ‘MAGA’ in the classroom” by Jeffrey Omari, has drawn a large number of comments and…