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Judge criticizes ‘nasty litigation tactics’ while sanctioning BigLaw firm

A federal judge in Colorado has sanctioned Seyfarth Shaw and its client for misconduct during the discovery process.

California bill would discourage secrecy in court orders and settlements

A bill that cleared California’s Senate Judiciary Committee last month would discourage secrecy about safety hazards discovered in litigation.

Oregon’s overburdened public defender system is ‘buckling before our eyes’

The public defender system in Oregon is so overburdened that several hundred defendants don’t have legal representation at any given time.

Temporary judge told litigants he knew ‘zero’ about matrimonial law, ethics complaint alleges

Updated: A New Jersey civil court judge on temporary assignment to the family division professed ignorance of the law and little knowledge of the cases before him, an ethics complaint alleges.

‘Seasoned litigator’ fails to persuade 7th Circuit that sanction was demeaning and too harsh

A federal appeals court has refused to disturb a sanction imposed against a Chicago lawyer for “repeatedly asserting baseless claims” to support personal jurisdiction and then dodging discovery on the issue through his client’s evasive answers.

Former lawyer who is accused of faking settlement allegedly forged signature of BigLaw partner

A lawyer-turned-trucker accused of faking a settlement allegedly forged the signature of a partner at Kirkland & Ellis, a prosecutor told a federal judge Monday.

5th Circuit tells lawyer it is ‘often advisable to read the court’s orders,’ upholds $1,250 sanction

A federal appeals court has upheld a $1,250 sanction against a Dallas lawyer for the attorney fees incurred by his litigation opponent when he misread a federal judge’s ruling.

BLM protest leader can be sued for officer’s injuries, top state court says

The leader of a Black Lives Matter protest can be held liable for injuries to a police officer caused by another person during the demonstration, the Louisiana Supreme Court said Friday.

Want to be a successful litigator? Come to the office, say 2 BigLaw trial lawyers

For young litigators who want to be considered “a lawyer’s lawyer,” careers spent mostly working from home may not get you to where you want to be, according to two BigLaw partners who have been trying cases for more than 30 years.

Litigation funding commitments grow, including at large law firms, according to new survey

Many large law firms traditionally have been reluctant to use litigation funding, but that seems to be changing, according to a Westfleet Advisors survey released Wednesday.

A litigation finance stock market? This law firm plans to launch one

For as little as $100, members of the public can invest in a hemp grower’s federal lawsuit alleging government agencies illegally destroyed at least $1 billion worth of its crop in California. Investors who financially back Apothio’s case receive crypto tokens on the Avalanche blockchain that could produce returns if the New York City-based Roche Freedman law firm secures a recovery for its client in the litigation.

Risky Business

Do you want to fight for your clients but are short on cash? Call litigation finance groups today and get $500,000 or significantly more! But not if you have public discipline, bad credit, too much debt or a dog case. Or if the other side is known for slash-and-burn legal tactics. Or if it looks like your case won’t bring in enough damages to satisfy the client after the funder gets paid.

Do federal jurors still care whether a witness is caught in a lie? Not as much, say 2 veteran litigators

Physical aspects aren’t the only changes in federal litigation, according to two veteran litigators featured in this month’s Asked and Answered podcast, which is looking at how litigation has changed over the years.

As a slew of BigLaw firms match bonuses, some boutique firms join the pack

Some boutique law firms are matching or even surpassing BigLaw’s year-end associate bonus scale of up to $115,000 for the most senior associates.

US reinstates remain-in-Mexico program to comply with court order, expands people affected

The Biden administration on Monday began sending asylum-seekers to Mexico to await court hearings.

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