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Top Texas court blocks probe of transgender teen’s parents over medical treatment but won’t go further

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday blocked child welfare officials from investigating lawsuit plaintiffs who provided medical treatments for their transgender child. But the court refused to go further to protect other parents in similar situations while the case continues.

Lawyer tried to save client leaping from 9th-floor window by grabbing his belt—he couldn’t keep hold

A lawyer in Syracuse, New York, did his best to save the client in his ninth-floor office who threw open the window and tried to leap out.

About one-fifth of lawyers and staffers considered suicide at some point in their careers, new survey says

A new survey of lawyers and staff members hailing mostly from BigLaw has found that anxiety, depression and isolation remain at concerning levels, despite a slight decrease in the percentages since the survey last year.

Florida lawyer gets emergency suspension after she is accused of driving her car into 4 people

A lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been temporarily barred from practicing law as a result of an emergency suspension imposed after she was accused of driving her car into four people on the sidewalk and trying to run down a witness.

Misconduct finding is vacated against federal judge who refused mental health evaluation

A federal judicial ethics body has vacated a misconduct finding imposed against an Akron, Ohio, federal judge because he refused to submit to a mental health evaluation.

California governor backs mental health courts that could compel people into care

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is trying to fight homelessness with a proposal to create a mental health “CARE Court” in every county that could compel treatment for those with severe mental illness.

Former BigLaw lawyer who wrongly thought he could ‘power through’ depression gets suspension

A former Morgan, Lewis & Bockius lawyer has been suspended from law practice for failing to inform a tax client about an adverse decision, failing to file a timely appeal, failing to inform the client of a $183,620 tax lien, and signing a false affidavit about his conduct.

Conventional wisdom is wrong about lawyers’ mental health, but comparative drinking rate is ‘extraordinary,’ study says

Lawyers consume alcohol “at extraordinary rates” compared to their educational peers, according to a study based on multiyear data. But lawyers don’t have significantly higher rates of mental illness than others, including doctors, veterinarians and dentists, the study found.

ABA opposes provisions in Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

The ABA is opposing provisions in Florida legislation dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill because they would undermine the well-being of LGBTQ students and chill beneficial faculty speech.

Can lawyers who are natural pessimists learn to channel optimism? Speaker at well-being conference says it’s time to try

When handling legal matters, lawyers often have to envision the worst possible outcomes for their clients and work to protect against them.

Law firms came ‘dangerously close’ to losing almost a quarter of their associates in 2021, new report says

Law firms “are spending huge amounts of money and putting their profits at increasing risk” as they battle to hold on to their associates, according to a report released Tuesday.

2nd Circuit upholds temporary seizure of guns from people taken to mental health facilities

A federal appeals court has upheld a police policy to temporarily seize guns from people transported for a mental health evaluation following a domestic incident.

Cap billable hours for lawyer well-being, state bar report says; survey found this group is least satisfied

Law firms should promote lawyer well-being by capping billable hours, encouraging full vacations and managing client expectations, according to a report released Monday by the New York State Bar Association Task Force on Attorney Well-Being.

5 tips for working with clients who stand in their own way

Recently, I had an immigration case, where my client was tardy on every deadline and patently refused to do anything beyond the bare minimum to aid their cause. I was emotionally drained by the case but buoyed by the positive result at the end. I must admit I couldn’t fight the impulse to remind the client that they had stood in the way of their own success.

From the depths of addiction to helping attorneys overcome their own, lawyer and author Brian Cuban has made his mark

In 2006, the Dallas Mavericks were in the NBA finals. The team’s owner, Mark Cuban, gave two tickets for the opening game to his brother Brian to give to friends. But the younger sibling had other plans: He traded them to his drug dealer for $1,000 worth of cocaine.

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