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As exposed health care workers seek legal remedies, who’s liable for lack of personal protective equipment?

Doctors and nurses across the country are asking about legal remedies they may have because of exposure to COVID-19 and a lack of personal protective equipment, or PPE. Invariably, their main concern is the dangers to which they’re being exposed.

Judge censured for discourteous behavior during hearing on racy pictures
The New Jersey Supreme Court has censured a judge who told a man’s girlfriend and wife that they let themselves be played by a “knucklehead.”
New Jersey Supreme Court orders release of county jail inmates, with some exceptions allowed
The New Jersey Supreme Court on Sunday evening ordered the temporary release of inmates in county jails in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
Lawyer suspended for boosting law school grades in Williams & Connolly application
The New Jersey Supreme Court has suspended a lawyer who falsified a law school transcript when he sought a job with Williams & Connolly.
Murder conviction tossed after prosecutor conducts background check on only black juror
A New Jersey appeals court has overturned a murder conviction after the prosecutor conducted a criminal background check on the only black person among the potential jurors, resulting in an arrest.
Afternoon Briefs: Censure recommended for judge’s ‘knucklehead’ remarks; Kesha loses round in Dr. Luke suit

Censure recommended for judge’s remarks on racy photos

The New Jersey Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct is recommending censure for a judge who commented on a “knucklehead”…

Judge should be ousted after asking woman whether she closed her legs to prevent rape, judicial panel says
A special panel is rejecting a New Jersey judge’s explanation for why he asked a woman whether she had closed her legs to stop a sexual assault.
SCOTUS adds cases on wayward presidential electors, contraceptive coverage exemptions
The U.S. Supreme Court added two high-profile cases on Friday to its docket concerning faithless presidential electors and expanded exemptions to mandated contraceptive coverage.
Judge limits 97-year-old lawyer’s involvement in murder case after courtroom outburst
On Wednesday, a New Jersey judge refused to remove a 97-year-old lawyer from a Bergenfield murder case following a courtroom outburst last Thursday.
Crosstown traffic: SCOTUS considers ‘Bridgegate’ prosecutions

In 2013, three government officials schemed to shut down two of three access lanes from a New Jersey city into the toll plaza for the George Washington Bridge into New York City. The Supreme Court has taken up an appeal one of the officials, who was a deputy chief of staff to then-Gov. Chris Christie. Her lawyers argue that she was convicted essentially for having ulterior political motives.

Judge admits telling suspect to treat women as if ‘holding a feather’ to show ‘you’re the man’ and in control
A New Jersey judge says he has “undertaken an education and enlightenment path” after giving controversial advice to a domestic violence suspect facing multiple charges.
Country club seeks to hold waiter liable for allegedly spilling red wine on $30K handbag
A New Jersey country club sued for a red wine spill that allegedly damaged a $30,000 Hermès handbag is seeking to hold the waiter accountable.
Lawyer disbarred for charging 88-year-old widow an ‘utterly excessive’ fee
The New Jersey Supreme Court has disbarred a lawyer for charging an elderly client about $120,000 in a case where an expert witness said he would have charged no more than $15,500.
Prosecutors tossed from drug case after witness is used to record defense lawyer
A New Jersey appeals court has tossed prosecutors from a drug case because detectives wired a witness and sent him to record the criminal defense lawyer who had requested a pretrial interview.
Afternoon Briefs: Lawyer accused of shaking down clients; Taco Bell sued over advertised price

Lawyer accused of shaking down Colombian clients through false promises

A Texas lawyer who markets himself as the “DWI Dude” is on trial for allegedly shaking down three Colombian clients…

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As exposed health care workers seek legal remedies, who's liable for lack of personal protective equipment?
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