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As associate hiring spiked in 2021, how many new hires left within the first year?

Associate hiring and attrition spiked last year, leading to “boomerang” hiring and a greater percentage of associates leaving within one year, according to a survey of law firms released last week by the NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education.

If you pass the bar on first attempt and want to be a lawyer, you’re likely to get hired, 2021 grads say

Employment data for 2021 graduates shows a vibrant job market for new lawyers, but it’s too soon to predict the 2022 market, says Aaron Taylor, executive director of the AccessLex Center for Legal Education Excellence. Taylor also thinks law school enrollment will be a significant factor.

Lateral hiring rebounded at an unprecedented rate of nearly 111% in 2021, NALP says

Lateral hiring at law firms was up nearly 111% in 2021 following a 30% decline in 2020, according to the National Association for Law Placement.

ABA Young Lawyers Division accepting applications for Leadership Academy

The ABA Young Lawyers Division has launched the Leadership Academy to continue to promote and advance lawyers who have been historically marginalized and underrepresented in the legal profession.

Mentorship is not all about the mentee

Mentorship. This one word can cause many a tough, battle-worn attorney to cringe. For many seasoned attorneys, the idea of being a mentor just sounds like you are being asked to add more hours of work to an already overloaded schedule. But before you reject the idea, consider the benefits that come with such a role.

Lactation stations and breastfeeding accommodations are needed for bar exam attendees

Bar admissions authorities, bar associations, law schools and legal employers need to establish clear and consistent policies that provide accommodations to individuals who are lactating, the ABA House of Delegates resolved Monday.

5 tips for new lawyers who want to go solo

“Ten years of practicing law is an appropriate time to contemplate the past and reflect on what worked and what didn’t. If you’re a young lawyer or law student ... , I hope my experiences as a solo practitioner and the following lessons can help you.”

2 BigLaw firms try new tacks in battle to acquire more lawyers

The battle for legal talent has led two BigLaw firms to try new tacks to bolster recruitment.

Would-be lawyers shouldn’t have to disclose arrests without conviction, NYSBA says

The application for admission to the New York bar violates state law by asking for information about arrests in cases that are no longer pending and didn’t result in a conviction, according to the New York State Bar Association.

Law firms came ‘dangerously close’ to losing almost a quarter of their associates in 2021, new report says

Law firms “are spending huge amounts of money and putting their profits at increasing risk” as they battle to hold on to their associates, according to a report released Tuesday.

Lawyer burnout is ‘a real issue’ as demand for legal work outpaces growth in lawyer head count

Law firms will be able to easily absorb higher expenses driven by a talent war because of strong revenue growth in 2021, according to the 2022 Citi Hildebrandt Client Advisory released Thursday.

Some BigLaw firms are offering jobs to experienced associates without conducting interviews

Several major law firms in the United States and Europe are offering jobs to associates without interviewing them, according to a story by Law.com.

Viral post by once-rejected Perkins Coie partner leads to legal mentor nonprofit org

Updated: An informal networking organization that matched law students and new lawyers with mentors has become a nonprofit organization that's set to grow nationwide.

A higher percentage of law grads are getting hired by larger firms

Larger firms of 250 or more lawyers are hiring a higher percentage of law grads as class sizes stagnate and law firms grow.

3 decades ago, legal headhunting required more time for fewer placements

Two female recruiters are featured in this month’s Asked and Answered podcast, which is looking at how legal recruiting has changed over the years, including an incredibly hot job market for 2021.

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