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New rules in this state give break from court appearances to lawyers who are new parents
Lawyers in North Carolina will be able to avoid court appearances for up to 12 weeks after the birth or adoption of a child, the state’s chief justice announced Tuesday.
‘State-by-state slog’ ahead after North Carolina rules partisan maps violate state constitution

A three-judge state court in North Carolina ruled Tuesday that state legislative maps drawn to benefit Republicans are an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander under the state constitution.

The court unanimously…

Courts in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas announce closings for Hurricane Dorian

Several courts in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina already have announced closings as Hurricane Dorian approached off the coast.

You can find state court closings here in Florida,…

Same-sex couples aren’t afforded equal abuse protections in this state

If the woman known as M.E. had lived with her girlfriend in North Carolina, she could have gotten significant legal protection once their relationship turned abusive. She would also have…

Despite convictions in racism-tainted trials, inmates still face execution

Seven years ago, a judge ruled that prosecutors improperly excluded black jurors in the murder trial that put Marcus Robinson on death row.

Now the North Carolina Supreme Court has…

Fake lawyer pleads guilty; he created website using Cravath bios

A 23-year-old Tennessee man pleaded guilty Tuesday for holding himself out as a lawyer from an elite law school and collecting fees from would-be clients.

John Lambert, whose fake attorney…

Man who sent lynching imagery to Muslim lawyer via Twitter faces up to 5 years in prison

A North Carolina man has been charged with issuing a threat via interstate commerce—and faces up to five years in prison—after sending an image of a man who had been…

Top 10 rules to be a successful lawyer

“We are here to live life and be as successful as we can possibly be,” writes trial attorney James Gray Robinson. Check out his top rules about practicing law—and life in general—that can help lawyers to be successful, whether they are young or old.

GOP lawmakers in Michigan and Ohio win SCOTUS stay in political gerrymandering cases

On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court stayed court rulings ordering Michigan and Ohio to create new electoral maps because they were drawn to benefit Republicans.

The Supreme Court granted…

Judge reprimanded for complaints about boss, adjourning court early for salon visits

The North Carolina Supreme Court has publicly reprimanded a judge who was accused of adjourning court early and complaining about the chief judge “to anyone who would listen.”

The court…

Attorney who does pro bono for inmates is new Miss USA
A 27-year-old North Carolina litigation attorney who handles pro bono work for inmates was crowned the new Miss USA on Thursday.
Man accused of sexually abusing teen and keeping her in dog cage gets time served

A Georgia man who pleaded guilty to cruelty to children for sexually abusing a runaway teen girl and holding her captive will not have to go back to jail.


Man accused of abandoning pet fish is off the hook for animal cruelty, DA says

Prosecutors have dropped misdemeanor animal cruelty and abandonment charges against a North Carolina man accused of abandoning his pet fish when he was evicted from his Wilmington home.

Charges were…

Private equity fund that owns Charlotte School of Law sued in Illinois state court for alleged fraud
Federal judge strikes down skirt requirement for girls at public charter school

A requirement that grade-school girls wear shorts, jumpers or skorts (which look like a skirt but include shortslike fabric underneath) at a public charter school violates the equal protection clause…

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