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Retired state supreme court justice tapped to lead law school

North Carolina Central University has appointed Patricia Timmons-Goodson, a retired North Carolina Supreme Court justice, as the dean of its law school.

Top state court withdraws December opinion, rules it can’t interfere with partisan gerrymanders

The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled 5-2 Friday that challenges to partisan gerrymandering by the legislature—the process of drawing voting district lines based on political considerations—can’t be considered by the courts.

Domestic terrorism charges that triggered campus ban of 2L aren’t supported, defense counsel say

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is prohibiting a law student from attending classes in person or participating online following a domestic terrorism arrest at an Atlanta music festival that protested a new police training facility.

Taylor English partner screamed at opposing counsel, called her a ‘worthless human,’ sanctions motion claims

Updated: A federal judge in North Carolina has determined that a Taylor English partner engaged in "unacceptable, deplorable" conduct in a courtroom confrontation with his opposing counsel.

Lawyer hopes vanity license plate will add $2M to his bank account

A retired California lawyer hopes to cash in by selling his vanity “CASH” license plate for $2 million. The former patent lawyer has had the license plate for more than 50 years.

Elected court clerk says she was wrongly ousted over ‘unintentional rear-end dial’

An elected court clerk in Franklin County, North Carolina, is appealing her ouster from office following what her lawyer calls “an unintentional rear-end dial.”

State law criminalizing derogatory campaign speech is likely unconstitutional, 4th Circuit rules

A federal appeals court has ruled that a law that bans derogatory speech about political candidates is likely unconstitutional, providing a win for Democratic North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein.

Passenger had First Amendment right to livestream traffic stop, but officer is protected, 4th Circuit rules

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that a car passenger had a First Amendment right to livestream a traffic stop in in Winterville, North Carolina.

Now with a GOP majority, top state court votes to rehear 2 recently decided voting-rights cases

The North Carolina Supreme Court on Friday agreed to rehear two cases that blocked voter ID requirements and struck down gerrymandered partisan maps of federal congressional and state Senate districts.

Judge orders defendant to tell truth on social media after she blamed victim for car crash

A judge has ordered a North Carolina woman to correct the record and take responsibility online for a car crash that killed the other driver.

Merger will create Southeastern law firm with more than 550 lawyers

Alabama-based Maynard Cooper & Gale and Carolinas-based Nexsen Pruet have announced a merger that will create a law firm with more than 550 lawyers.

Lawyer fatally shot by client died a hero, law firm partner says

Updated: A North Carolina personal injury lawyer who was shot and killed by a client Monday died while trying to save others, the managing partner of his law firm says.

3 conservative SCOTUS justices appear to seek middle ground on ‘independent state legislature’ theory

Three conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices appeared ready Wednesday to accept the “independent state legislature” theory that would strip state courts of power to review congressional voting maps adopted by state lawmakers. Three liberal justices, on the other hand, resisted the idea.

Federal appeals court considers whether driver has right to livestream traffic stop on Facebook

A federal appeals court is considering whether a Black man who says he broadcasts his interactions with police for his protection had the right to livestream a traffic stop on Facebook.

Chemerinsky: An important week of arguments in the Supreme Court

Next Monday and Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in two of the most important cases of the term. Each could have enormous implications for future litigation and for constitutional law.

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