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Federal prosecutor’s office in rural Oklahoma struggles to hire attorneys for spiking caseloads

The U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Oklahoma is struggling to hire lawyers after obtaining funding to ramp up from eight criminal prosecutors to 159 employees.

Judge checked Facebook and texted during murder trial, courtroom video shows

Courtroom surveillance video leaked to the Oklahoman shows a judge scrolling through Facebook and texting on her cellphone while presiding in a murder trial.

Sexual relationship between judge and prosecutor entitles murder defendant to new trial, court rules

The top criminal court in Oklahoma has ruled that a defendant convicted of murder in 2021 is entitled to a new trial because the judge and one of the prosecutors had a prior sexual relationship.

3 justices on this state’s top court targeted after deadlock prevents abortion ban from taking effect

Three justices on the Iowa Supreme Court who voted against reviving an abortion ban are being targeted by the leader of a Christian conservative group.

Weekly Briefs: ‘Zero matrimonial knowledge’ judge gets reprimand; judge adopts AI policy

Judge sanctioned after disclaiming family law knowledge

The New Jersey Supreme Court publicly reprimanded Judge Michael J. Kassel of the Camden County Superior Court in New Jersey on Wednesday

The public defender approach to personal life

I started my legal career in the Oklahoma County Public Defender’s Office. During one of my 1L first-semester classes, the Oklahoma County public defender and the Oklahoma County district attorney spoke with my section. They conveyed the opportunities available in their offices and explained the application process. I knew from the beginning of law school that I wanted to practice criminal defense, so I showed up at the PD’s office the next day. The intern coordinator kindly told me to wait until I had at least finished my first round of final exams.

Supreme Court stays execution of inmate who won support from Oklahoma AG

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday stayed the execution of an Oklahoma inmate after the state attorney general said he supported vacating the conviction.

State constitution protects right to abortion to protect life of mother, top Oklahoma court rules

Women in Oklahoma have a state constitutional right to an abortion when needed to save their lives, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled.

Restaurant had no liability for death of patron who was overserved, challenged to drive in bet, state supreme court says

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that a restaurant in Weatherford, Oklahoma, was not liable for the death of a patron in a lawsuit claiming that he was served 12 beers and five tequila shots before getting behind the wheel of his car in an attempt to collect on a bet.

‘Tulsa King’ and a look at organized crime

Tulsa King stars Sylvester Stallone as a New York mafia capo recently released from prison after serving a 25-year sentence. Finally free, he is caught from left field with news that he’s being sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Former BigLaw associate gets suspension for inflating time spent on document review project

A former Dentons associate in Chicago has received a short suspension for his claim that he had reviewed 425 documents for a client, when in reality he had reviewed only 20 of those documents.

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Supreme Court declines to block 4 executions in 2 days; 1 inmate spared, for now, because of vein issues

The U.S. Supreme Court this week declined to block four executions over the course of two days, rejecting petitions claiming incompetence for execution, difficulty inserting intravenous lines, lack of a clear policy on religious rights and new exculpatory evidence.

Tulsa Reckoning

With the clock ticking, the stakes are high. This case could be the “last best hope” for the survivors to see some form of justice before they die. “This massacre impacted Black people around this nation. This is a win that we need as a people.”

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