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ABA Journal takes home hardware in journalism contest

The ABA Journal congratulates its staff and contributors for several awards in the national and regional business-to-business journalism contest sponsored by the American…

As DC Circuit Weighs the Future of Guantanamo Inmates, Some Say Judicial Review Can Harm Military

Detention Policies: What Role for Judicial Review?

Letters of the Law: National Security Letters Help the FBI Stamp Out Terrorism But Some Disapprove

National Security Letters: Building Blocks for Investigations or Intrusive Tools?

Crashing the Third Party: Experts Weigh How Far the Government Can Go in Reading Your Email

The Data Question: Should the Third-Party Records Doctrine Be Revisited?

Insider Threats: Experts Try to Balance the Constitution with Law Enforcement to Find Terrorists

The Threat from Within: What Is the Scope of Homegrown Terrorism?

Cyberattacks: Computer Warfare Looms as Next Big Conflict in International Law

What Is the Role of Lawyers in Cyberwarfare?

Uneasy Targets: How Justifying the Killing of Terrorists Has Become a Major Policy Debate

ACLU Sues DOJ to See ‘Targeted Killing’ Legal Justification Memos

The American Civil Liberties Union has sued to compel the Justice Department release of memos disclosing the legal justification for strikes that have killed U.S. citizens abroad.

A lawsuit filed…

Patriots Debate: The Meaning of the Constitution in a Time of Terror

Since the events of 2001, the intersection of law and terrorism has become one of the most volatile zones in the public square—a place where qualities of life and manners…

Constitutional Dilemma: The Power to Declare War Is Deeply Rooted in American History