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Slowdown for Fast-Track Pa. Lawyer

Only a year ago, Michael A. Adler was on a seeming fast track to major career success.

For one thing, he had been named a “Lawyer on the Fast Track”…

80-Plus = Too Old to Raise Grandchild?

A Philadelphia couple, aged 85 and 89, have at least temporarily lost custody of their 5-year-old grandson, whom they had cared for since his birth, apparently because a family court…

Guard Changing at Cozen O’Connor

The guard is about to change Cozen O’Connor, a 546-lawyer Philadelphia-based law firm known as an international insurance coverage powerhouse.The two name partners, although they have signed employment contracts to…

Bribe Puts Would-Be Legal Eagle’s Fledgling Law Career at Risk

A New Jersey man’s fledgling law career is not off to a good start.

Eager to get into a well-regarded law school, Kevin B. Siangchin of North Plainfield tried to…

Suit Over Lawyers’ Conversation Dismissed

A Philadelphia judge has dismissed a defamation suit against Cozen O’Connor that was based on a phone conversation between lawyers.

The suit by an heir to a building fortune says…

Rival Outfoxed by PA DA’s Ballot Move

An incumbent Pennsylvania prosecutor who is professionally known by her maiden name, Fox, pulled a fast one on him at election time, contends her rival, whose middle name is also…

Court Finds Media Right to Juror Names

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that the media has a First Amendment right to juror names.

Writing yesterday (PDF) for a unanimous court, Chief Justice Ralph…

An Evolving Conflict

Intelligent-Design Proponents May Have Lost a Battle, but They’ll Continue the Fight

Learning The Business Basics

Pittsburgh Firm Teams With Wharton School to Boost Profile in World Market

A Little Off the Top

Diner Flips His Wig After Prankster Pulls the Rug Out From Over Him