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Psychologist Settles BTK Tape Suit

A psychologist hired to interview the BTK killer has agreed to pay $30,000 to settle charges he profited from a videotape of Dennis Rader’s comments.

After the tape ended up…

New Lawyer for Alleged D.C. Madam

A federal judge has appointed a new attorney to represent alleged D.C. madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

He is Preston Burton of the Orrick law firm, the same lawyer who once…

Low-Paid Fla. Prosecutors, Defenders Are Quitting

Prosecutors and public defenders in Florida are leaving their low-paying jobs at alarming rates, according to the offices that employ them.

The Miami Herald cites statistics from…

Almost 100 Lacking Counsel to be Released?

With at least 82 indigent defendants in New Orleans totally unrepresented by counsel, Judge Arthur Hunter may make good on his threat to let them out of jail if public…

Judge Slams Defense Tab

A Florida judge is criticizing a $46,000 tab for the defense of an accused murderer as one of the worst examples of overpayment that she’s ever seen.

Defendant Luis Martinez…

A Privilege to Serve

Battle over legal aid funds spills over to attorney client confidentiality

Keep Up The Good Work

Ethics Rules on Competent Representation Make No Exception for Public Defenders

Catch a Rising Star

Put Some Mentors in Your Pocket, and Save Them for a Rainmaker Day