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iPhone Outsmarts the Man Who Stole It, Snapping Photo Evidence

A security app on a woman’s IPhone snapped a picture of the man who stole it and emailed it to the victim, who turned it over to the police.


Blended to Perfection: Mixing Legal Skills with a Penchant for Startups

Lawyer Learns He Has at Least 75 Children

Boston lawyer Ben Seisler picked up extra money while attending law school at George Mason University by donating to a Virginia sperm bank.

Seisler earned $150 per donation, the

Kramer Levin Opens Silicon Valley Office, Its 3rd, with 2 IP Partners from King & Spalding

Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel today announced that it is opening a Silicon Valley office with two partners from King & Spalding.

Paul J. Andre and Lisa Kobialka…

1st Circuit Reinstates Original $675K Award Against Grad Student in Music Download Case

Disappointed both with the original $675,000 federal jury verdict against him in a music downloading case and the “equally as insane” $67,500 to which a trial judge subsequently reduced the…

Is a Client Sending You Email on a Work Computer? Duty to Warn Could Apply, ABA Opinion Says

If a client is emailing his or her lawyer from a work computer or an employer’s electronic device, there’s a good chance that the communication could be intercepted by the…

If Secret Email Surfaces, ABA Opinion Says Opponent Alert Isn’t a Must—But Local Rules May Differ

If you represent an employer who turns out to have copies of an employee’s email to counsel on a workplace computer or smartphone, the Sep 7, 2011 10:20 PM CDT

A Comeback for the Federal Circuit: This Term, SCOTUS Is No Longer the ‘Court of Correction’

2 Individuals Criminally Charged for Allegedly Selling Lost iPhone Prototype They Found to Gizmodo

If Brian Hogan, 22, and Sage Wallower, 28, had simply kept the prototype Apple iPhone that Hogan found last year, they couldn’t have been criminally charged, a California prosecutor says.

In ‘Class Act,’ Paul Hastings Helps Telecom Chief Set Up New DC Boutique

Corrected: When a conflict developed between one of Carl Northrop’s biggest clients and another major client of Paul Hastings, it was clear that the best solution was probably for him…

As Hackers Steal Up to $1B Annually from Biz Bank Accounts, Victims May Have No Recourse

Some $43 million was stolen in conventional bricks-and-mortar robberies, heists and stickups of U.S. banks last year. Meanwhile, cybercrooks stole hundreds of millions in what is being called a national…

South Korea Fines Apple $2,800 Over iPhone Location Data Collection

The fine—3 million won or $2,800 U.S. dollars—might be a drop in the bucket for a company that earned $7.31 billion in its third quarter, but South Korea’s decision to…

Federal Judge Says Zediva’s Rent-a-DVD-and-Player Online Business Infringes, OKs Injunction

A creative concept for providing instant access to movies as soon as they are available on DVD, by renting both a DVD and a player to a single customer via…

Gene Swipe: Few DNA Labs Know Whether Chromosomes Are Yours or If You Stole Them

Fast-Forward: Federal Circuit Makes It Easier to Enforce Injunctions in Patent Cases

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