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Texas Justices Consider Whether Inmate Deserves Freedom Because of Pedophile ID by Swimsuit Test

The Texas Supreme Court is considering whether a 29-year-old inmate should be freed because jurors were misinformed about the effectiveness of a test that identified him as a pedophile at…

Good Cop, Bad Citizen? As Cellphone Recording Increases, Officers Are Uneasy

Defense Lawyers Cite New Arson Research to Challenge Convictions

Defense lawyers armed with new research about arson fires are challenging convictions, including that of an Ohio death-row inmate.

Lawyers for Michael Webb say he was convicted based on arson…

Letters: Twitter Time?

Claiming Conflict, Google Seeks Pepper Hamilton’s Disqualification in New Client’s Patent Case

Contending that Pepper Hamilton’s representation of a new tech client creates a conflict that it was never informed about, Google Inc. is seeking to disqualify the law firm from continuing…

An Arresting Development: Courts Split Over DNA Testing for Those Merely Charged with a Crime

DC Officials Admit Using Personal Email Accounts for Work Purposes

Two top officials in the District of Columbia’s financial office have admitted using personal email accounts to conduct official business.

Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi testified in a deposition…

A New Mother of Invention: After Years of Setbacks, Patent Reform Finally Makes It Through

Patents and Patients: Personalized Medicine Is at the Heart of High Court Case

Pick a Side: In Brand-Name vs. Generic Drug War, Firms Must Choose

Justices Cite George Orwell as They Consider Constitutionality of Warrantless GPS Tracking

George Orwell’s novel 1984 and its Big Brother society got several mentions as Supreme Court justices considered Tuesday whether police can use a GPS device to track suspects without getting…

Supreme Court Weighs Judges’ Duties to Evaluate Eyewitness Testimony

U.S. Supreme Court justices on Wednesday appeared unmoved by the argument that eyewitness identification evidence is so inherently unreliable it should be subjected to special judicial scrutiny.

“Why is unreliable…

Brain Researcher Cautions About Using Neuroscience in the Courtroom

A psychologist known for his studies about the differences between the brain’s left and right hemispheres has written a new book that expresses concern about the use of neuroscience in…

Chemerinsky: Keeping Up with the Joneses—How Far Does the ‘Reasonable Expectation of Privacy’ Go?

One of the most difficult, and potentially most important cases of the U.S. Supreme Court term will be argued on Nov. 8. United States v. Jones involves the question of…

Sky-High Spy: With GPS Probing, the Zone of Privacy Is Getting Even Smaller

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