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Afternoon Briefs: Another state plans remote bar exam in July; Texas AG sues electric company over huge bills

So far, 9 jurisdictions have plan for remote bar exam in July

California’s July 2021 bar exam will be remote, the California Supreme Court announced Friday. The first testing day,…

Afternoon Briefs: Judge strikes down CDC eviction moratorium; lawyer’s dogged determination brings cash

Judge strikes down CDC eviction moratorium

U.S. District Judge J. Campbell Barker of Tyler, Texas, has struck down a moratorium on most residential evictions by the U.S. Centers for…

Afternoon Briefs: California opens process for retroactive bar admission; judge suspended after election-fraud charge

California opens applications for retroactive bar admission

Provisional licensure applications, for people who recently did not pass the California bar exam but would have with the new cut score, are…

Suits multiply over Texas power outages; is power grid operator protected by sovereign immunity?
Lawsuits are already being filed against the operator of the power grid in Texas over lost lives, property damage and business interruption caused by power outages during the winter storm in February.
Texas offers makeup bar exam because of deep freeze
Following Texas’ freezing February weather, which led to power outages, disrupted water service and more than 20 deaths, according to CNN, the Texas Board of Law Examiners announced Friday that it would offer a makeup bar exam in March in addition to the test that starts Tuesday.
What can Texas tell us about the rise and fall of the death penalty?

In Let The Lord Sort Them: The Rise and Fall of the Death Penalty, Maurice Chammah shares how Texas became the country’s capital punishment capital.

Lawyer charged with phone harassment after his jet was repossessed and his partner tweeted resignation
Prominent San Antonio lawyer Martin Phipps is facing a criminal misdemeanor charge and complaints by a former law partner who resigned on Twitter.
Lawyer’s Zoom hearing is a purr-fect storm tech glitch
The cat is out of the bag. County Attorney Rod Ponton of Presidio County, Texas, appeared on Zoom for a court hearing around 11 a.m. Tuesday. By the afternoon, he was a YouTube star.
Texas judge changes locks to her office, warns colleagues about trespassing
A Texas judge who campaigned on a reform platform has changed the locks to her office and issued a criminal trespass warning to judicial colleagues and their staff members.
Judge was a policymaking employee subject to patronage termination, 5th Circuit rules
A family court judge in Texas, who refused to support a favored judicial candidate, was a policymaking and confidential employee who wasn’t eligible for First Amendment protection from firing, a federal appeals court has ruled.
Afternoon Briefs: Governor seeks Sidney Powell’s disbarment; ex-Davis Polk associate avoids sanctions

Michigan governor seeks disbarment of election lawyers

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is seeking disbarment of Texas lawyer Sidney Powell and three Michigan lawyers for claims made in unsuccessful lawsuits…

Federal judge who said he would ‘crush’ plaintiff’s case prejudged her bias claims, 5th Circuit says
A federal appeals court has revived a plaintiff’s bias claim and removed U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes of the Southern District of Texas from her case, citing remarks and actions indicating that he had prejudged the case.
Immigration lawyer sues over seizure of his cellphone at airport
Texas immigration lawyer Adam A. Malik has sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for seizing and retaining his iPhone when he returned to the United States from a trip to Costa Rica.
Proposal for mandatory implicit bias training is rejected by Texas bar committee
A State Bar of Texas committee has unanimously voted against a proposal to make implicit bias training mandatory for the state’s lawyers.
Judge sanctions lawyer and client $150K, citing ‘mountain of evasiveness’ and ‘outright lies’
A Texas judge has ordered a Houston-area lawyer and his client to be jointly sanctioned $150,000 for the client’s “outright lies” in litigation and “a mountain of evasiveness” in discovery.

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