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Tort Reform: Chamber vs. Trial Lawyers

Battling press releases today between two arch-enemies in the legal arena contend that the U.S. does, and does not, have a legal system in critical need of so-called tort reform.

$12 Million Settlement Closes Foster Care Giant

A $12 million settlement in a child abuse case and subsequent difficulty getting insurance reportedly is forcing one of the most well-known foster care agencies in the country out of…

Spinach Cases Settle; FDA Monitoring Lax

The producers of bacteria-tainted spinach that sicked hundreds and led to a nationwide recall last year have reportedly settled for undisclosed terms the lawsuits brought by the families of three…

Mass Tort Lawyers Join ‘Wave’ of Pet-Food Suits

Grieving pet owners have filed at least 50 class-action lawsuits in federal courts, most of them in New Jersey, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

And that doesn’t include…

Vioxx Maker Wins Initial Round in Texas

A Texas judge has ruled that state juries may not decide whether Vioxx manufacturer Merck & Co. withheld information from the Food and Drug and Administration.

Directors’ Settlement a Probable Record

A $41.5 million settlement finalized last month may be one of the largest to require outside directors to dig into their own pockets, the Wall Street…

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Feds Post SS Numbers

Plaintiffs lawyers, start your engines. Another release of Social Security numbers by a government agency has been reported, this one involving the Agriculture Department.

As many as 100,000 to 150,000…

$101 Million Settlement OK’d in Casino Collapse

A New Jersey judge has approved a $101 million settlement of a lawsuit filed in the collapse of a parking garage at an Atlantic City casino.

Four workers were killed…

Fall of the Wild

Student Sues University after Injurious Encounter with Precariously Positioned ‘Head’ of the Class

New Name, New Strategies

ATLA changes its moniker and hones its tactics to battle tort reformers

Tort Reform Texas Style

New Laws and Med-Mal Damage Caps Devastate Plaintiff and Defense Firms Alike

Seeking the Cure

With Health Care Fraud Rampant, States Are Urged to Pass Their Own False Claims Acts, But Foes Warn of Windfalls for Plaintiffs Lawyers

Backing Away from the Abyss

Courts May Be Starting to Get a Grip on Asbestos Litigation

Tote-Ally Ticked

Man Is Miffed When Moms Get Gift, as Last Resort Takes Team to Court

No Longer Immune

Court Opens Door to Cases Claiming Link Between Autism and Vaccine Preservative

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