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Whoopee On Wheels

Oblivious Mom Leaves No Doubt: This Is Not Your Father’s Buick

A Costly Cure

ABA Opposes Congressional Action as a Solution to Medical Liability Issues

Switching Sides

Those Driven by the Bling May Be Disappointed by Plaintiffs Work

Gambling On Casino Cases

Compulsive Rollers Are Suing the House, Betting That Courts Will Find Casinos Liable

Sizing up Attorney Fees

TIPS Task Force Responds to Calls for Regulation of Contingent Fees

Illegal Tender

Defendants Attempt to Finagle Freedom With Strange Currency

Erisa Again

High Court Takes Another Look at Pre-Emption in HMO Disput

Dream Home Nightmares

Difficulties Abound for Owners Who Seek to Recover for Defects in a House They Have Already Purchased

Urine Trouble Now

For Some, It’s the No. 1 Choice in Fakery for the Court-Ordered No. 1

Who Is The Client?

It Seems Like a Simple Question, But Getting the Answer Wrong Can Lead You Into an Ethics Minefield

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