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$101 Million Settlement OK’d in Casino Collapse

A New Jersey judge has approved a $101 million settlement of a lawsuit filed in the collapse of a parking garage at an Atlantic City casino.

Four workers were killed…

Fall of the Wild

Student Sues University after Injurious Encounter with Precariously Positioned ‘Head’ of the Class

New Name, New Strategies

ATLA changes its moniker and hones its tactics to battle tort reformers

Tort Reform Texas Style

New Laws and Med-Mal Damage Caps Devastate Plaintiff and Defense Firms Alike

Seeking the Cure

With Health Care Fraud Rampant, States Are Urged to Pass Their Own False Claims Acts, But Foes Warn of Windfalls for Plaintiffs Lawyers

Backing Away from the Abyss

Courts May Be Starting to Get a Grip on Asbestos Litigation

Tote-Ally Ticked

Man Is Miffed When Moms Get Gift, as Last Resort Takes Team to Court

No Longer Immune

Court Opens Door to Cases Claiming Link Between Autism and Vaccine Preservative

Case-By-Case Tort Reform

Firms Push to Challenge Common Law Before New, Business-Friendly Judges

Breaking Up Downloading

Recording Industry Keeps Fighting Illegal File Sharing With Even More Lawsuits

Wake The @#*% Up!

Malevolent Midnight Message Jars Judge Who Holds “Drunk-Dialing” Duo in Contempt

Ho, Ho, Ho (Mmmm, Ho-Hos)

You Better Watch Out, Be Careful What You Do, ’Cause Santa’s Got Gout and a Lawyer or Two

Pet Project

New ABA Committee on Animal Law Focuses on Post Katrina Rescue Efforts

Feeling a Chill

Changing Government Policies Are Pressing Corporations and Attorneys to Disclose Protected Information

The Avian Flu Time Bomb

The Legal System Will Play a Key Role in Planning the Response to a Possible Onslaught of the Virus

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