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Ex-Prison Guard, Mom of 4, Looks Forward to Legal Career Helping Underserved Populations

Mindy Rush Chipman took an unusual path to law school. In need of work, she took a steady job at age 19 as a maximum security prison guard in Nebraska.

Location. Location. Location: Office Near Court Helps This Solo Pick Up New Clients

With his office about a block away from the federal court and two blocks from the state courthouse in Omaha, Neb., solo Duke Drouillard can be Johnny-on-the-spot if another lawyer or judge gives him call to let him know that a defendant needs a lawyer, and quick.

What a Career in Military Intelligence & the ‘Invisible People Rule’ Taught This New Solo

Bloomington, Minn., solo practitioner Larry Frost is in his first year as an attorney.

Young Lawyer Purchases 100-Year-Old Firm on Craigslist, Thrives in Small-Town Practice

While working as a lawyer in Minneapolis, Jennifer Knapp came across a Craigslist ad for a third-generation firm for sale in a small town in Minnesota.

Minnesota Solo Talks to SoloCorps About Bookkeeping Needs & Practice Flexibility

SoloCorps interviewers Carolyn Elefant and Lisa Solomon trained their video camera this morning on Melissa Stockman Maher, a solo in Roseville, Minn.

Moms on the Road

Solos Carolyn Elefant and Lisa Solomon safely landed in Minnesota Sunday and fired up their video camera en route to Duluth.

The Rebels in the Heartland Route

As Carolyn Elefant and Lisa Solomon make their way between two solo/small firm conferences in Minnesota and Nebraska, they’ll be holding Tweet-Ups (hashtag #SoloHeart) along the way.

Rebels in the Heartland Features Unique Solo Storytelling Project

A few months ago as we were mapping out our 2010 Legal Rebels project, this time focusing on the solo practitioner, we learned about an exciting new project that kicks off Aug. 1.

Video Tour Diary Day 10: Part-Time Partners; And 1 for the Road

The last stop of the Rebels Tour ‘09 was in Washington, D.C., visiting with Rebel Cynthia Calvert, co-director of the Project for Attorney Retention.

Rebels Buzz Builds on Blogosphere

A number of blogs and mainstream media outlets reported about the Rebels Tour this week. Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

Video Tour Diary Day 9: School’s Focus on Skills; Vehicle Parked

We said goodbye to our tour vehicle today, but not before giving it one final whirl.

Video Tour Diary Day 8: ‘Merry Band of Litigators’ & the Story Within the Story

Another late night, followed by an early morning made getting right back in the tour vehicle a little rough.

David Lat Interviews Steve Brill

When we were reporting our profile of Legal Rebel David Lat, founder of the legal news site AboveTheLaw.com, we were struck by how much his envelope-pushing coverage of big law firms reminded us of the work of a much older journalist.

Video Tour Diary Day 7: David Lat & Steve Brill; Bye Bye NYC, Hello DC

We couldn’t leave Manhattan without a hearing from two of the lawyers responsible for changing the face of legal journalism – both 30 years ago and right now.

Video Tour Diary Day 6: Week 2 Gets Underway

We were early risers this morning to meet up with our Rebel of the Day: Sullivan & Cromwell’s Frank Aquila.

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