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Nursing Homes Sue Over PI Firm’s Ad

A personal injury law firm has been sued by the owners of a nursing home chain prominently mentioned in the law firm’s Web site advertising.

Genesis Healthcare Corp. contends McHugh…

Google Ad Suit Settled

A blinds and wallpaper company says American Airlines has a better chance of making its trademark infringement claim fly against Google.

American Blind and Wallpaper Factory has settled a declaratory…

J&J Is Cross Over Symbol License

A dispute over rights to the red cross symbol has led to a lawsuit and dueling press statements.

Johnson & Johnson, the health-care products company, sued the American Red Cross…

EU Court: This Bud’s for Anheuser

A European court ruled today that Anheuser-Busch may use Budweiser and Bud brand names on merchandise such as T-shirts and barbecue sauce.

Reuters reports that Czech brewer…