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Frigid Fracas

Low-Temp Locales Lay Claim to Worst Winter Weather, Slug It Out in Court Over Teeth-Chattering Title

M&M Lawsuit Just One Part of Naked Cowboy’s Financial Plan

The singing Naked Cowboy has ambitions beyond winning his trademark lawsuit against the Mars candy company over a billboard featuring an M&M dressed in the same attire—or lack of it—that…

NYC’s Naked Cowboy Says Candy Corp. Stole His Trademark Skimpy Outfit

Robert Burck has spent years developing his well-known persona as a seemingly naked cowboy playing his guitar in New York City’s Times Square. Now he is suing a major candy…

Acronym Soup Suit: AAJ, formerly ATLA, Sues TheATLA

The trial lawyers group once known as ATLA—the Association of Trial Lawyers of America—has sued a new lawyers group that calls itself The American Trial Lawyers Association, or TheATLA.


Dell Serves up ‘Domain Tasting’ Suit With Novel Claim

Computer maker Dell Inc. has filed a federal lawsuit that claims several companies violated counterfeiting laws by buying and selling Web addresses with misspellings of its name.

The lawsuit contends…

Chinese Company Wins Rare Overseas Trademark Ruling

In an unusual example of Chinese company resorting to litigation to enforce its intellectual property abroad, a Beijing curd maker has won a trademark infringement suit against a German company.

Louis Vuitton Wins Hummer-Dinger Suit, Ruffed Up by Parody Ruling

Music lost and humor won in two recent rulings in lawsuits filed by Louis Vuitton.

The luxury goods maker succeeded in getting a Britney Spears video showing Vuitton-like fabric pulled…

Counterfeit Case Against eBay May Raise Web Policing Requirements

A federal judge in Manhattan has begun to hear a closely watched case between a renowned jeweler and an Internet auctioneer accused of turning a blind eye to the sale…

It’s My Trademark, Bon Jovi Says

Musician Jon Bon Jovi is claiming that a new energy drink called Mijovi infringes his trademarked name.

In a cease-and-desist letter Bon Jovi’s lawyer protested the name of the drink…

Paris Hilton Hot Over Hallmark Card

“That’s hot,” is Paris Hilton’s trademark phrase, both figuratively and literally.

Those are the allegations in a lawsuit Hilton has filed over a Hallmark moment that was not a happy…

Nursing Homes Sue Over PI Firm’s Ad

A personal injury law firm has been sued by the owners of a nursing home chain prominently mentioned in the law firm’s Web site advertising.

Genesis Healthcare Corp. contends McHugh…

Google Ad Suit Settled

A blinds and wallpaper company says American Airlines has a better chance of making its trademark infringement claim fly against Google.

American Blind and Wallpaper Factory has settled a declaratory…

J&J Is Cross Over Symbol License

A dispute over rights to the red cross symbol has led to a lawsuit and dueling press statements.

Johnson & Johnson, the health-care products company, sued the American Red Cross…

EU Court: This Bud’s for Anheuser

A European court ruled today that Anheuser-Busch may use Budweiser and Bud brand names on merchandise such as T-shirts and barbecue sauce.

Reuters reports that Czech brewer…