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The Verdict on Juries

More States Are Adopting Jury Reforms, Freeing Jurors to Take Notes and Ask Questions. But Some Judges Are Slow to Embrace the Changes.

Catch a Rising Star

Put Some Mentors in Your Pocket, and Save Them for a Rainmaker Day

Planning Impeachment

Be Ready to Accomplish More Than Just Catching a Witness in a Lie

The Med-Mal Divide

As the AMA Talks Up Damage Caps and Specialty Courts, Solving the Medical Malpractice Clash May Require Bridging the Lawyer-Doctor Culture Gap

Justice For All

The Legal Services Corporation Celebrates 30 Years

Offended By a Slapp

As Lawsuits against Citizens Expand, Countermeasures Are Rolled Out

Risky Business

Wisconsin Court’s Risk Analysis May Be Last Hope for Lead Paint Plaintiffs

A Client’s Own Worst Enemy

When the Person You Represent Behaves Badly, It Makes Your Job a Whole Lot Harder

The Right Words

The Language You Choose to Argue Your Case Can Help Make it a Winner

Celebrity Justice

The Rich and Famous Get Star Treatment, Creating the Appearance of a Two-Tiered Court System

Foolish Like a Fox

War Crimes Defendants Who Represent Themselves May Seek a Soapbox

A Painful Breakup

Your Case Will Fall Apart if You Don’t Maintain Continuity in Presenting It

Recluse Rodent

Couple Squirrels Away Family Pet While Court Gnaws on Case Facts

Channeling Discovery

The Path to Winning the Case Follows Your Efforts During Pretrial

Summary Time Blues

Although Hailed for Speeding Settlements, Summary Jury Trials Still Seek Acceptance

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