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Matters of Timing

Consider the “When” as Well as the “What” in Planning Your Trial Strategy

Face Time

Expressions May Reveal Important Clues About an Interviewee’s True Intentions

Beware of Spyware

Litigants Sometimes Resort to Computer Snooping, But It Could Be a Crime

Collections Clues

Keep Your Practice Tidy With Attention to a Few Essentials

A Matter of Some Weight

As Obesity Claims Increase, Experts Say the Issue Isn’t Nature or Nurture–It’s Bias

Asbestos They Can?

Forging a Congressional Trust Fund Is as Complex as, Well, Asbestos Litigation Itself

Spotting the Losers

Sometimes the Best Way to Handle a Case Is Not at All

Serving Them Right

When Taking on International Defendants, Expect Challenges, Even Complications

Who is a Partner?

The EEOC Looks Beyond Titles in its Age Discrimination Case Against a Law Firm

Lost and Found

Some of Life’s Most Important Lessons Come From Defeat

Say the Right Thing

From Opening Statement to Closing Argument, Persuasive Language Is the Strongest Tool You Have for Building a Successful Trial Strategy

Man on the Go

Grey Uses Presidential Pulpit to Advocate for Measures Bolstering the Jury System

Rethinking Sentencing

Recent High Court Decisions Give Congress a Chance to Test Kennedy Commission Ideas

Of Motives and Memos

Supreme Court Will Hear the Tale of Arthur Andersen’s Fall

Stripping Citizenship

Do New Cases Signal Tougher Government Stance in Naturalization Matters?

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