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Tote-Ally Ticked

Man Is Miffed When Moms Get Gift, as Last Resort Takes Team to Court

No Longer Immune

Court Opens Door to Cases Claiming Link Between Autism and Vaccine Preservative

Hunt for the Winning Story

Use Discovery to Build a Case That Appeals to the Jury’s Sense of Justice

Troubled Kingdoms

As Franchises Seek to Expand Their Empires, Individual Operators Look for Ways to Protect Their Turf

Oops, My Fault

Ultimately, It’s Your Mistakes That Help the Other Side’s Case

Private Lives

More Judges Are Keeping Juries Anonymous, but Others Are Worrying About Accountability

Focusing a Deposition

If You Know What You’re After, You’ll Probably Learn Even More

How the Cops Caught BTK

Playing to a serial killer’s ego helped crack the case

A Beacon of Justice

The ABA Continues to Explore and Develop Procedures to Strengthen the Jury System

Die, Dammit, Die!

Plucky Patient Perseveres, Turning the Actuarial Tables on Impatient Investors

Breaking Up Downloading

Recording Industry Keeps Fighting Illegal File Sharing With Even More Lawsuits

Story Line

Write Briefs That Use the Facts to Establish Your Theme of the Case

Preventing E-Glitches

Understanding Search-Term Basics Ensures More Thorough E-Discovery Compliance

A Matter Over Mind

The Supreme Court Is Poised to Review the Insanity Defense, an Issue That Has Confounded Courts, Psychiatrists and Lawyers

The Price is Right

Courts Are Searching For New Ways to Determine Value

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