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Paternity Decided for Anna Nicole’s Baby

It wasn’t Howard K. Stern, lawyer and live-in companion of Anna Nicole Smith, although she named him on her baby daughter’s birth certificate.

It wasn’t the husband of actress Zsa…

Where There’s a Will ...

A lightbulb went on above James Haroutunian’s head after watching countless women buy jewelry from his wife via the home-based sales parties she organized.

Up in Smoke

How greed, hubris and high-stakes lobbying laid waste to the $246 billion tobacco settlement

Worthy Work

Distinguishing Clients’ Treasure From Trash Can Be Tricky Business

A Legacy of Values

I recently gave a talk to a group of Florida elder lawyers who had trekked across the country to take in the majestic quiet of Yosemite National Park the better…

Beyond First Impressions

It’s Not Always a Conflict to Represent One Client Who Disinherits Another Client