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Vermont Inmates Claim Right to a Hearing Over Nutraloaf

The Vermont Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments today on whether serving inmates a concoction known as nutraloaf is punishment meriting a formal hearing.

The mixture, served on a…

Colo. Pedestrians Nabbed for Jury Duty

A number of pedestrians in Greeley, Colo., were stunned yesterday to be handed documents requiring them to report immediately for jury duty as they were out and about, attending to…

Vermont Calm About Possible Same-Sex Marriage Law

Accustomed to civil unions allowing same-sex couples to form legally recognized partnerships, Vermont residents are now reportedly taking in stride a plan to put same-sex marriage on the legislative table.

Officers Recruit Potential Jurors on Sidewalk

A Vermont judge ordered the sheriff and his deputies to go out and round up some jurors yesterday after a jury pool shrunk to only 20 people.

Judge Harold Eaton…

Judge Orders Divorcing Blogger to Take Down Posts on Marriage

A Vermont judge has ordered a divorcing spouse to take down all his Internet postings about his wife and their marriage, surprising some First Amendment experts.

The lawyer for blogger…

Law Firm to Clients: Feds Tapped Our Phones

Lawyers at a Vermont firm that represents clients being held in the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay and in Afghanistan believe the federal government may be wiretapping their law…

Judge Backs State Emissions Controls

Vermont’s attempt to regulate greenhouse gases in vehicle emissions is not pre-empted by federal fuel-economy standards, a federal judge has ruled.

U.S. District Judge William Sessions III of Burlington yesterday…

Proposed Laws Target Abusive Bosses

Nobody wants to work for a jerk. But unless abusive bosses violate specific prohibitions, such as discriminating against someone because of race or gender, treating employees badly generally isn’t illegal.

Home S.W.A.T. Home

Casual Comment Causes Commotion as Cops Converge on Confused Customer

Union of Feuding Mothers Dissolved

A Vermont judge has dissolved a civil union between two women whose fight over the custody of their daughter produced court opinions in two states.

The judge affirmed that both…