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First Amendment defense claims could threaten ‘revenge pornography’ statutes
Suit says Ben & Jerry’s claims of ‘happy cows’ from ‘caring dairy’ program are deceiving consumers
A would-be class action lawsuit says the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company is misleading consumers when it touts its milk and cream come from “happy cows” on "caring dairy" farms.
Some states are allowing people and companies to use blockchain to authenticate documents

Looking to capture a slice of the emerging blockchain market, states have enacted new laws and procedures for recognition of signatures, documents and contracts stored on the technology as legal instruments for verification.

In states where inmates can vote, few exercise their right to cast ballots
When Sen. Bernie Sanders championed voting rights for prisoners during a CNN town hall, he spotlighted an intensifying national debate about why going to prison means losing the right to vote.
Second state adopts ABA model rule barring discrimination and harassment by lawyers

Maine has adopted an ABA model rule that bars discrimination and harassment by lawyers.

Maine is the second state to adopt Rule 8.4(g) of the ABA Model Rules of Professional…

Vermont’s new consumer protection law could be a harbinger for tech industry

In Vermont, prioritizing online consumer protection means shining a light on the shadowy world of third-party data brokers. A new state law requires increased standards and transparency of these companies that collect, buy or resell consumer data without having a direct relationship with the consumer.

Vermont Law faculty had little say when tenure was removed, says new report

When Vermont Law School, facing significant financial pressures, stripped 14 professors of tenure in 2018, it did not adequately involve faculty in the decision-making process, according to a report from the American Association of University Professors.

Number of prisoners hits 9-year low, but some states are resisting the trend
The number of people in U.S. prisons fell to a nine-year low of just under 1.5 million last year, a 1.3 percent decrease, according to a report released recently by the nonprofit Vera Institute of Justice.
Wyoming and Vermont hope to attract tech entrepreneurs by passing laws favorable to blockchain

Wyoming enacted bills to entice the blockchain industry, while Vermont created favorable laws that attempt to clear up legal ambiguity surrounding distributed ledger technology.

Vermont governor to sign bill legalizing marijuana possession

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott says he will sign a bill legalizing possession of recreational marijuana that received final approval by state lawmakers on Wednesday.

Scott spoke at a news conference…

Vermont poised to be first to legalize marijuana through state legislature

Just hours after Attorney General Jeff Sessions ended the Obama-era policy against enforcement of federal marijuana law in states that legalized the drug, Vermont’s House of Representatives passed…

Vermont Law receives $17 million loan from US Department of Agriculture

Corrected: Vermont Law School has received a $17 million loan from the United States Department of Agriculture.

The loan will be used to restructure debt and further develop an online…

Microsoft’s new deputy GC will lead efforts on privacy, cybersecurity

Julie Brill, the longtime consumer advocate and former member of the Federal Trade Commission, will join Microsoft Corp. this summer to lead its privacy and regulatory affairs group,

Prosecutor gets Carnegie hero award for disarming woman

A Vermont prosecutor who grabbed a rifle from an assailant is among 25 people who are receiving a Carnegie Medal for heroism.

Washington County, Vermont, State’s Attorney Scott Williams received…

Female former prosecutor files pay bias suit

A former county prosecutor in Vermont has filed a federal lawsuit claiming she was paid about $14,000 less per year than a male prosecutor in the same position.

Lawyer Jane…

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