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Dorna Moini’s software helps legal aid groups and law firms automate users’ form-filling

When Dorna Moini was an associate at Sidley Austin from 2015 to 2017, she welcomed the opportunity to do pro bono work. But the repetitive nature of the job—filling out applications for domestic violence restraining orders—seemed like a waste when her firm was charging hundreds of dollars an hour for her time.


A seminal 1990s event sparked Colin Starger’s devotion to aiding criminal defendants, inmates

Not many people can point to one defining moment that alters the course of their life. Colin Starger can—it was the brutal beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police in 1991.


With Kimball Dean Parker’s tools, people are better able to access the justice system

Kimball Dean Parker’s first legal technology business was not a moneymaker. But it planted a seed.

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Cynthia Conti-Cook crunches the numbers to hold NYPD accountable for misconduct

The framed indictment hangs on Cynthia Conti-Cook's office wall.

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Lawyers, organizations design task-automation software with Jonathan Pyle’s Docassemble

At age 7, Jonathan Pyle taught himself to write computer programs by reading a book about BASIC for kids.

Legal Rebels Profiles

Mississippi ranks last when it comes to access to justice; Tiffany Graves hopes to change that

Growing up in a working-class household and with a large extended family in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Tiffany Graves knows what it looks like when a lawyer’s services are out of reach.

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How experiential learning in law schools became widely accepted

When Rodney Smolla was featured as a Legal Rebel in 2009, he was in the midst of leading an innovative plan at Washington and Lee University School of Law, which involved eliminating traditional third-year coursework and replacing it with experiential learning.

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What's your brand? Max Miller has some thoughts

It's good to be seen as a "thought leader," but don't call yourself that in marketing materials, says lawyer, professor and small business owner Max Miller.

Legal Rebels Podcast

Avvo founder unwinds as he thinks about the next step

Legal Rebels Podcast

David Van Zandt has made a career out of touching third rails in higher education

When David Van Zandt became dean of what is now Northwestern University's Pritzker School of Law in 1995, he faced a steep learning curve. Up until then, he had never managed an organization of more than a few people.

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Nonprofit law pioneer applauds 'low bono' growth

Before they were buzzwords, Luz Herrera was a pioneer in the world of "low bono" practice, nonprofit law firms and legal incubators. All three innovations have blossomed and spread across the country since then.

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Not content with retirement, Jeff Carr continues the fight against billable hours

Legal Rebels Podcast

Leading advocate for diversity in legal industry hasn't seen much progress in 10 years

In the 10 years since Emery K. Harlan, co-founder of the National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms, was featured as an ABA Journal Legal Rebel, he says little has changed for diversity in the profession.

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From consulting to politics, former Orrick CEO continues to beat the drum for change

When Ralph Baxter joined the inaugural class of Legal Rebels in 2009, he was the CEO and chairman of Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe. Just a year into the biggest recession since the Great Depression, he caught the ABA Journal’s attention through his initiatives that took Orrick from a domestic, California-based firm to an international heavyweight while navigating economic turbulence.

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Young lawyers can be technophobes too, says legal tech entrepreneur Monica Goyal

Many lawyers are reluctant to adopt new legal technology, says Monica Goyal, who developed platforms including My Legal Briefcase, which helps parties in the Canadian small claims courts, and Aluvion Law, which uses automation to cut legal services costs for small businesses.

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Make room for chatbots at your firm, LawDroid founder says

Chatbots have a place in a law office, says legal chatbot creator Tom Martin, because they can handle busy work that eats up precious time in a lawyer’s day.

Legal Rebels Podcast

Could 80 percent of cases be resolved through online dispute resolution? (podcast)

Perhaps in five to seven years, as Colin Rule sees it, half of U.S. citizens who file court cases will have access to online dispute resolution software walking them step by step through their matters, resolving up to 80 percent of cases.

Legal Rebels Podcast

Legal writing pro is helping teach AI to draft contracts (podcast)


Billie Tarascio: Her law firm is her lab

Billie Tarascio is experimenting on her law firm for the profession’s greater good.


Basha Rubin and Mirra Levitt: Doing it with data

While business owners and in-house counsels usually find outside counsels through referrals, Basha Rubin says that often doesn’t lead to a good result in terms of cost and experience. The New York City lawyer believes that data can fill the gap.

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