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Health Law

$7 Billion Drug-Test Suit Allowed

U.S. Supreme Court

Court Accepts Pre-Emption Case

U.S. Supreme Court

A Conservative Juggernaut (Updated)

Immigration Law

Immigrant Detainee Deaths Probed

U.S. Supreme Court

Limited Reach for ‘Bong Hits’ Ruling

Criminal Justice

Paris Hilton Walks to Freedom

U.S. Supreme Court

New Justices Came From Cheney List

U.S. Supreme Court

Taxpayer Standing Partly Survives


Dog DNA Inconclusive in Atlanta Murders

Attorney Fees

KPMG Prosecutors Concede Key Point

U.S. Supreme Court

Changed Court Weakens Campaign Law

Law Schools

Dean: Law Schools Won’t Boycott Survey

International Law

Cheney Pushed ‘Robust Interrogation’


Appeal of Contempt Ruling to No Avail; Will Phil Spector Lawyer Go to Jail?

Law Practice

Lawyer, 82, Oldest Ontario Bar Admittee

Law Firms

Cravath Signs $900 M Midtown Lease

Law Firms

Guard Changing at Cozen O’Connor

Real Estate & Property Law

Fair Housing Laws Create Unexpected Pitfalls, Even for Real Estate Pros

Legal Ethics

Paris Hilton Prosecutor on Hot Seat Now

Criminal Justice

UK Study: No Law-Abiding Majority

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